Top 10 Nootropics On Amazon

Having written several post on benefits of nootropics, how nootropics works and their usage, I have decided to go on a self-inspired research, I want to know what the top 10 nootropics in market are.

For the purpose of this post, I have analyzed about one hundred nootropics listed on amazon. Although it wasn’t an easy task, but I can say confidently that the list of nootropics in this post are the best on amazon.

Although there are several nootropics online, a larger percentage of those nootropics are marketed independently and not on amazon. I choose not to analyze the ones not sold on amazon simple because the public opinion on such product can be easily influenced. But on amazon, the reviews are from actually buyer and the ratings is based on hundreds if not thousands of buyers.

Nootropics Rating Factors

For each of the nootropics analyzed, five (5) factors were used as rating metrics. The factors are:

#1. Number Of Purchase:

This is a very crucial factor in the selection process. All products reviewed in this post has nothing less than one thousand purchase.

I decided to go that high, basically for two reasons; the first being that, if the number of purchase is high, it’s either the product is being marketed aggressively by the producers, or the product is that good, and as such it is being recommended by people.

The second reason for considering high number of purchase as a rating factor is because, it gives room for variant opinion. The higher the number of purchase, the higher the number of reviews, which leads me to the second ranking factor.

#2. Number Of Reviews:

This is directly related to the first factor. All the products I analyzed in this post has nothing less than fifty reviews on it. I also scouted for products with independent reviewers and verified purchase.

I won’t be naïve to the fact that, it’s very possible for companies to hire random people to leave good reviews on their product page. I put that into consideration, and as such, I made sure that a larger percentage of the reviews are verified purchase, and that they’re also made by amazon regular users.

Another important factor I considered in this regard is the time difference in the reviews. I went back as far as twelve calendar month to make sure the good reviews are not based on company’s hype and aggressive marketing effort.

#3. First Date On Amazon:

None of the listed product is less than six month old. While many people would argue that the product age shouldn’t be a significant factor. I am of the opinion that, a product with good review over a long period of time is arguably serving it’s purpose. Because if it’s not, then the positive review wouldn’t keep coming up.

#4. Amazon Star Rating:

All products have nothing less than 4/5 product star rating on amazon. While this rating system is highly subjective, I still consider it a valuable method of selecting the best product simple because it’s a public opinion. One of the traditional rules of shopping on amazon is that, the higher the number of star rating, the better the product. I didn’t phase out this rule in my selection process.

#5. Brand/Producer:

This isn’t a rule of thumb, because not all the products listed passed this test. I searched for product produced by companies that are specifically into nootropics production. I wanted to see if they have various products listed, and what the difference is; between those product. While many people may consider this unnecessary, it isn’t so, simple because a larger percentage of products on amazon are listed more than once; albeit with different names. This is a marketing gimmick in other to create a complex paradox of choice for potential buyers.

List Of Top 10 Nootropics On Amazon

After careful selection, with special consideration to at least four of the five factors listed above, here are the top 10 nootropics on amazon.

#1. NeuroPeak:

This product has been on amazon for almost a year. The first review was posted in October 2015. The product is said to stimulate the production of acetylcholine which is a special neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in memory, focus and motivation. It’s also made up of natural extract from ginkgo biloba, know for improving circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain and thereby creating mental alertness.

Other component of this products are specialized amino acid associated with elimination of stress hormone. With over 1,600 customers review and a four (4) star rating, giving this product a try wouldn’t be a mistake.

#2. HCF (Happy Calm Focus Brain Supplement):

The first review for this product was posted in the year 2013, which means it’s been around for approximately three (3) years. It’s composed of basically amino acids that helps the secretion of neurotransmitters. With over 1,000 reviews and four (4) star amazon reviews.

#3. Neuroclarity:

#4. Clarity by Neovicta: 

#5. Test Worx: 

#6. NeuroEnhance Brain Booster:

Known for enhancing focus, mental clarity and memory. It’s made of gingko biloba extract.

#7. UberFocus:

This product is made of purely natural products, with 100 customer reviews and 4.3 of 5 star rating. This product made the list mainly because of the component.

Although the number of reviews isn’t as much as others, it should be noted that the marketing effort isn’t as much either, but the few sales that has been made has gotten good reviews, and it’s a product that definitely worth the try.

#8. NutraPuris Clarity:

#9. Naturra Brain Power

#10. Acetyl L-Carnitine

In conclusion, the nootropics market is relatively young and it’s too early to decide which of the supplements would stand the long test of time. We can only take time to study the market as it grows and new product emerge into the market.

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