What Is The Best Nootropic For Anxiety In 2018?


Always anxious? We’ve got the right recipe to calm you down, here is a review guide on best nootropics for anxiety.

We’ve all been in a situation that warrants anxiousness, the causes might be different, but there is nothing abnormal about being anxious every once in a while. More own anxiousness is quite often when am about to take a test, travel to a new place, meet new people or when am about to check my exam result. On such occasion, I would generally be restless before I began what is causing the anxiousness, and as soon as I get started with it, the anxiety is gone.

I call this normal Anxiety because it’s a physiological condition and you shouldn’t be worried when this happens once in a while. You can take a pill of nootropics meant for anxiety if you feel the need to do so.


However, for some categories of people, it’s not a “once in a while” thing. They experience anxiety every day, all the time. Fear and restless is what defines their mood all the time, such people are said to be suffering from anxiety disorder. This disorder is categorized as a serious mental disorder, and such individual needs extensive medical attention in other to get as comfortable with life as much as possible.

Anxiety Disorder is not a sign of weakness or any other words that people might use to describe it. It’s an unwanted sickness and adequate support should be given to people suffering from such disorder. Support can however come in various dimensions, either by being with them during the dark period and helping out with basic task they don’t or can’t do on their own, or by keeping an eye on them to make sure they’re safe.

Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

It’s important to know the symptoms presented by anxiety disorder before you embark on taking any form of nootropics for such condition. It’s equally important that you consult a specialist to give proper diagnosis of your medical condition before you make conclusion about whether you’re suffering from anxiety disorder or not.

While these symptoms may present themselves in cases of “normal anxiety”, it should be noted that they don’t take long before disappearance and restoration of normal state of health.

Fear and Restlessness: This is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. Such individual can’t maintain any form of calmness and it makes it incredibly difficult for them to be focused and make reasonable decision.

Sweaty Hands: This is often caused by perspiration. People with anxiety generally have sweat on their hands and feet. Sometimes, it might be cold hands and feet, it all depends on how to body choose to react with the present situation.

Insomnia: Anxiety might present itself in the form of insomnia. I have also experience this quite often, most especially when am about to make a crucial decision or embark on a journey. I usually find it very difficult to sleep the night before. Read about best melatonin supplements as a way of treating insomnia. 

Apnea: This term is used in describing shortness of breath. Anxiety might present individual with the inability to breathe deeply and as such, restlessness sets in.

Xerostomia: This describes the reduction in the amount of saliva present in the mouth, resulting into dryness of mouth. This is another common symptom associated with anxiety, both in normal people and in those diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Dizziness: This might occur as an effect of apnea of insomnia. Apnea would automatically result into low level of oxygen in the body tissue.

Occurrence of two or more of this symptoms at the same time is definitely an indication of anxiety, when the keep occurring repeatedly, then it’s safe to assume that such an individual is suffering from anxiety disorder. And it’s advisable to consult a medical expert, in such condition.

Taking nootropics for anxiety has been show to be greatly effective, and as such, this article would analyze the best nootropics for anxiety and how they work in restoring calmness in the brain.

Best Nootropics For Anxiety

A larger percentage of medications used in treating anxiety are classified as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety. What these medication does is to balance the neurochemicals in the brain and reduce the brain chemical responsible for anxiety to it’s normal volume.

​Recently people have been turning to the use of theanine supplement to overcome anxiety without feeling sleepy or sedated. Here is our guide on best l-theanine supplements

The brain works based on signals provided by the neurochemicals in it. Which means, when there is excess secretion of neurochemical responsible for anxiousness, then anxiety is inevitable, and as such the only way of getting rid of anxiety is either my inhibiting the production of such neurochemical (temporarily) or by stimulating the production of other neurochemicals that are capable for counteracting the effect. A larger percentage of nootropics are capable of altering the mood and bring the much needed calmness in cases of social anxiety and other common types undiagnosed of anxiety.

It’s been shown that the major cause of anxiety is low level of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA basically function as inhibitory neurotransmitter. They tell your brain cells to calm down. When the amount of GABA in the brain is low, your brain cell becomes over-excited, and as such anxiety sets in.

Normally, the first solution that comes to mind would be supplementing the GABA neurochemical in the brain, but the sad thing is that GABA are known to be impermeable into the brain cell, as a result of a barrier in the brain known as blood-brain barrier. This makes direct intake of GABA less effective in cases of anxiety.

The best nootropics for anxiety would therefore be a good transporter or precursor of GABA, it should be able to cross the blood brain barrier before turning into or yielding GABA. We have analyzed several nootropics as listed on amazon, we examined the component of each of them and came into conclusion on which of them is the best nootropics for anxiety.

1. Natural Anxiety Pills Anti Stress Mood Enhancer Depression Supplement

2. All Natural Anti Anxiety & Stress Relief Supplement

3. Bestvitality Premim Natural Homeopathic Stress, Panic and Anti Anxiety Relief Supplement

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