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Best Kava: Buying and Using Guide 2017

Kava-Kava; Kava for short is scientifically known as Piper methysticum. Grown mainly in Vanuatu and Fiji, the root of the plant is considered to have various health benefits; ranging from sedative, to euphoric as well as anesthetic benefits. Some people also testify to the effectiveness of kava root powder in dealing with anxiety.

Getting full benefit of kava root extract begins from understanding what makes the best kava, how kava-kava works, different forms of kava available for consumption, where to buy the best root extract as well as trusted vendors.

This is exactly what I intend to analyze in details in this article, and I hope by the time you’re done reading, your questions about kava-kava would have been answered.

The most active ingredient found in kava root extract is known as kavalactone. The amount of effect you get from kava-kava is directly proportional to the percentage of kavalactone present in the product. This is why most people argue that kava that has been processed into various forms; supplements, capsule, gum, or tea are usually not as potent as the natural root powder.

While this argument may hold as the truth, there are several other factors that goes into the choice of kava being consumed. Take for instance, the time and effort that goes into getting the extract from natural roots coupled with the fact that they’re not easily accessible to someone living in this part of the world.

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Best Nitric Oxide Supplements (2017)

Nitric oxides are naturally produced in the body as it plays a key role in the body’s system activities. Including blood circulation and regulation of the activities of important organs in the body.

Like other important nutrients, having a deficiency of nitric oxide is a bad idea. The best nitric oxide supplements help replenish and regulate the amount of nitric oxides present in the body.

The major ingredients of No2 supplements are amino acid arginine and Citrulline.

Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid involved in the treatment of heart diseases, high blood pressure, healing acceleration and even weight reduction.

In Nitric oxides, however, it helps with decreasing cholesterol level and aids the body’s metabolic processes, which eventually leads to the previously mentioned benefits.

On the other hand, Citrulline is also an amino acid, but is turned into L-arginine in the kidney after supplementation, and as a result helps increase the arginine level in the body.

The combination of the effects of these two powerful ingredients consists of most of the benefits of nitric oxide supplementation.

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What Is The Best Nootropic For Anxiety?

Always anxious? We’ve got the right recipe to calm you down, here is a review guide on best nootropics for anxiety.

We’ve all been in a situation that warrants anxiousness, the causes might be different, but there is nothing abnormal about being anxious every once in a while. More own anxiousness is quite often when am about to take a test, travel to a new place, meet new people or when am about to check my exam result. On such occasion, I would generally be restless before I began what is causing the anxiousness, and as soon as I get started with it, the anxiety is gone.

I call this normal Anxiety because it’s a physiological condition and you shouldn’t be worried when this happens once in a while. You can take a pill of nootropics meant for anxiety if you feel the need to do so.

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Best Vitamins for Cognitive Enhancement

Vitamins are important for various growth activities in the body. The lack of one of the essential vitamins in the body system would affect the proper functioning of the body system and as such leave such individual susceptible to various types of diseases.

Vitamins play different roles, but the most significant of their roles in the body is acting as a co-factor in the synthesis of enzymes, hormones and most importantly, neurotransmitters. The importance of vitamins in the synthesis of enzymes and neurotransmitter is evident in it’s use for cognitive enhancement. As essential as vitamins are, it should be noted that the human body cannot synthesize them, and as such the food we eat must contain the required vitamins, in other to maintain a good state of health.

In this article, I would discuss the top vitamins for cognitive enhancement, their source in the regular diet, I would also suggest various vitamins supplements that can be taken, just in-case an individual is not getting enough of the required vitamins in their diet.

Top Vitamins For Cognitive Enhancement.

It is important to point out the difference between vitamins and minerals as they’re often used interchangeably. Vitamins and minerals are both required by the body, vitamins are organic substance and are easily metabolized when acted upon by external factors. Minerals on the other hand are inorganic chemical compound example of which is Zinc.

Vitamin D

is one of the most significant vitamins required by the body on regular basis. It’s role in the development of bones cannot be overemphasized. However, it also plays a significant role in the control of neurotransmitter secretion in the brain.

Vitamin D deficiency has been shown in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and as such it’s been used as one of the treatment for this disease, and other signs of memory loss. Luckily for us, Vitamin D is quite available as long as the sun keep shining (the people in the UK might not be getting enough from the sun though), but on a regular basis, spending about ten minutes in the sun would go a long way in supplying the vitamin D needed by the body.

People with high skin pigments would absorb more as compared to light skinned people.

Vitamin B

One of the most important vitamins for cognitive enhancement is Vitamin B. Vitamin B comes in different variants, each of which has it’s own important role in cognitive enhancement and improvement of brain functioning.

B12: This variant of vitamin B is responsible for protection of the brain cells (neuron) and transmission of nerve impulses. Vitamin B12 is responsible for production of myelin sheath that covers the neuronal cells. This sheath serves neuro-protective function, conduction and transmission of nerve impulses.

It’s been shown to be deficient in vegans and vegetarians diet and as such, they’re needed to take Vitam B12 supplements in other to cater for the body need.

B1: Vitamin B1 also know as thiamine has been shown to enhance cognitive function by improving mood and getting rid of depression. It plays a role in the supply of energy in the body by regulating the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) from the breakdown of carbohydrate.

Deficiency of vitamin B1 is associated with amnesia, depression, weakness and headache. In the brain, this vitamin has been shown to improve the immune system, enhance learning abilities, prevent memory loss and also increase the supply of energy to the brain.

B2: Vitamin B2 is also known as riboflavin. It’s major role is in the transmission of nerve impulses. Deficiency of riboflavin has been shown in people with parkison and alzheimer’s disease.

Other important varieties of vitamin B includes, B6 (pyridoxine) which is an important vitamin used in the production of PLP (pyridoxal phosphate) that act as a co-factor is several biochemical processes in the body system. B9 (folate) is also another important vitamins for cognitive enhancement.

Vitamin E

Naturally, when we breath in air from the atmosphere, the body metabolizes it, takes away the required oxygen and expels the carbon dioxide that is not needed by the body. Sadly, the process isn’t that simple or efficient. There are certain waste product of air metabolism called reactive species. These reactive species are known to affect the structure and function of the cells by reactive with other compounds in the cell.

To counter the effect of this reactive specie, the body has an effective anti-oxidant system that quickly mop up the reactive oxygen species before they get to react with other compounds like nitrogen in the cell. The substance responsible for clearing up these reactive oxygen species is called antioxidant.

Vitamin E happens to be one of the most valuable and readily available antioxidant in the body system. Deficiency of vitamin E has been linked to people that does not take enough fat. This deficiency has also been associated with alzheimer’s disease, muscle weakness, tiredness and vision problems.

Vitamin E has been shown to protect the brain from degeneration of neuronal cells, and as such delay or totally prevent dementia or other form of memory loss.

To avoid the deficiency of such an important vitamins, it’s advisable to take food such as wheat germ, egg, avocado, nuts and sweet potato.

Vitamin C

Earlier in the post, when I was writing about vitamin E, I emphasized its role as a potent antioxidant for the body. Vitamin C however, is the most potent antioxidant present in the brain. It’s role is quite similar to that of vitamin E, however, it’s much more localized in the brain.

Vitamin C are not just antioxidants that prevents oxidative stress in the brain, they also play several other important role in the regulation and synthesis of several neurotransmitters in the brain. Their deficiency has been associated with several diseases such as nose bleeding, poor wound healing, dry skin, bad and bleeding teeth gum etc.

There are various potent vitamin C supplements in market, you can also get the required dosage of this vitamin from fruits rich in vitamin C. Fruit such as oranges, Mango, pineapples, berry etc.

Ultimate Guide On Best Brain Supplements.

Searching for the best brain supplements? I’ve got you covered in this article! But before we examine the good and the bad product as regards brain supplements, let’s talk about brain supplements in general.

For a long time now, most people have had the misconception that our brain is only used during physical and mental activities. The reality of this claim, however, is that our brains work constantly for a series of activities which are crucial to our survival.

In most cases, we have no conscious knowledge of these activities. Some of them include breathing, blinking, and coordination of various hormone secretions, the regulation of our heartbeats as well as growths on various parts of our bodies.

Another misconception is that our brains do not change throughout our span. This is not true!

Basically, the brain has to deal with different body conditions as we grow, so It can't be that hard to realize that the brain’s neurons form new connections, strengthen existing ones and have some terminated as it fits our growth.

So far, from these facts, it's quite clear that the brain’s functionality isn’t restricted to a particular period of our lives like other organs, including the legs and hands which we only use for motion-related activities.

The brain works all the time, and does infinitely more work than other parts of our body combine, do.

So, how has our brain survived this long without dying?

It’s not like it rests or something. Because even when we say we are resting our brains, or that we are taking a break from work or some activity, the brain isn’t resting. During that period, we have just reduced the functions of our brains to the subconscious level, That doesn’t mean it's not working.

To answer that question, just like we depend on food to live longer and live healthier, our brains also depend on supplements.

What are brain Supplements?

Brain supplements have been known to help improve our memory, which is one of its major functions, our mood, focus and even more importantly, shields us against mental decline.

Brain supplements have just recently gotten popular. This is due to the fact that most of the supplements that people have been focusing on only have aneffect on the physical part of our body.

Some of them include detoxifiers, weight reduction supplements, body cleansers among others. It has probably just come to our notice that our brain to requires just as much (even more) care and attention.

This increase in our brain demands might be due to the fact that our lifestyle and environment is changing more frequently nowadays. However, because of these new complications, our brains have to put in much more effort than it used to.

Like these products in relation to how they have specific roles in different parts of our body, brain supplements are also divided according to brain functionality. Some of them include cognitive enhancers, vitamins for memory, brain boosters among others.

As far as brain health is concerned, supplements are the way to go!

How do Brain supplements work?

You might naturally resolve to the notion that brain supplements are used just like the normal drugs we consume on a daily basis. That’s not entirely true!

Unlike our regular meds, brain supplements are more sensitive, and even without being told, you don’t want to mess with your brains as much as you would with other parts of your body while ingesting regular pain relief meds or whatever drugs you might fancy.

The older we get, the more we realize how important our memory is to our survival.

So whether you are wondering if you have the Alzheimer’s disease or you are just seeking ways to fortify your memory probably because of the kind of work environment you are, you need to understand the drugs you are considering before you take any step further.

Brain supplements are used to increase attention, improve memory, help with depression and anxiety issues as well as other mood-related issues.

Generally, brain supplements works by increasing blood flow to the brain, balancing the brain chemicals and reducing the stress hormones in the brain.

Why should you use Brain Supplements?

Just like we are with our body, we have to take proper care with our internal organs. The brain is responsible for the coordination for all the other organs in our body, so, I’d imagine that the benefits of boosting this organ with supplements cannot be overemphasized.

The benefits of the use of brain supplements outweigh being a solution to brain-related problems. They also include the following;

#1. Improve Brain health:

As explained earlier in this post, our age affects every organ in our body. This effect, however, extends the fact that these organs become weaker as we grow, but in humans, we all have to deal with more and more complicated stuff every day of our lives.

At some point, we become addicted to pain relievers and stress relief pills. These meds only work on the surface level and create no real solution to our problems. Most pills just knock you out, you sleep the stress off and in the morning, you think you are brand new. It's just a patch in the old bag. And the sooner you realize that the easier it would be for you to overcome this problem.

Brain supplements have been known to keep our brain in check, and help us adjust to daily changes in our routine ad lifestyle as we grow. The best supplements for brain health should be used in these cases.

#2. Memory Enhancement:

Memory loss is one of the greatest fears faced by people recently.

Do you know what It feels like to loose track of time, or of your entire self? It’s a crazy feeling.It mostly feels like you're lost in your own house, and you start suffocating inside.

According to research, “if the onset of Alzheimer’s disease could be delayed in today’s population by an average of just one year, there would be about 210,000 fewer people with Alzheimer's 10 years from now.”

With that alone, a cost savings of $10billion would be produced.

Even students forget things all the time, and this says a lot about older people who even have to deal with more complex stuff on a daily basis. Hence, basically, we live in fear of permanent memory loss as adults if we can experience memory lapses as youths. This drives most people to get stuck on pills to prevent memory loss, or at its worst, mental decline.

However, knowing the pills to get stuck on is also as important.

The best brain boosting supplements are recommended. Nootropics have been known to help improve your memory, making it easier for you to remember where you kept your wallet or your car keys most of the time.

The most common memory enhancers include Creatine, choline, and piracetam.

#3. Focus Enhancement:

Most people, especially students, depend on caffeine to enhance our focus, attention and help us stay up for longer hours to read for exams or whatnot. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, school or work.

When you're expected to deliver a certain amount of work in less time, the first solution to that is working overtime. At this point, you start feeling like your brain is heavy and literally tired. Maintaining focus at this point looks almost impossible.

These class of brain supplements improve our alertness and are stimulatory in nature. That shouldn’t be hard for you to believe since we've all been down that lane at some point, maybe even till recently.

It has also been proven that brain supplements relating to this category (caffeine) help to prevent a delay in our reaction time especially with respect to strenuous exercises.

One of the criteria for selecting the best brain supplement is the focus enhancement.

#4. Provides Relief from stress:

Have you ever worked so hard that you feel like your brain is full and is about to burst? By that time you would be feeling so exhausted, so much that you’d have to actively force yourself to sleep. This says little about the stress most of us go through on a daily basis.

When this goes on for too long, it reduces the output out brains can deliver, and then we beat ourselves up for nothing.

To reduce brain stress and fatigue, Nootropics block the receptors in the brain, thereby aiding a more efficient output from the brain, as well as the production of energy. Afterward, you would be able to work for longer hours, more efficiently and creatively.

Rhodiola Rosea and Creatine are two very effective agents that are responsible for this kind of effect on the brain.

However, Like these, another Nootropic known as phosphatidylserine reduces stress levels in the brain by blunting the brain’s cortisol response, thereby preserving your hard-earned muscles.

Basically, a prolonged bout of physical and intense exercises are responsible for increasing the cortisol levels in our brains, and this can be very detrimental to our gain. So, especially for those who work out, this particular drug serves as one of the best supplements for brain function.

Before you use Brain supplements

Having explained the benefits of the use of the best brain supplements, most people would naturally want to see their doctors and physicians about it. Personally, I think that’s a very good idea.

However, seeing as most folks aren’t really into doctors and official health related appointments, probably because they take too long, or because they cost extra, here are some tips you shouldn't ignore.

Even if you’ve had lots of meds in the past for boosting different functions in your body, and even without proper prescription you’ve been lucky, you might want to refrain from that on this one.

Trust me, when it comes to your brain, you must be extra careful. Unlike hard drugs and alcohol, brain supplements are actually designed to improve the functionality of our brains. They also tend to have longer effects than regular drugs. So go through these points carefully, to be on the safer side.

#1. Eat Healthy

Seeing as there are many reasons to take brain supplements, there are also many substances and endless combinations of drugs to choose from. However, irrespective of your reason here’s one tip you should always take note of.

Seriously, you don’t expect any drugs to work effectively on a bad diet. Before you use brain supplements, make sure you are feeding properly. Avoid nutritional deficiencies or on a broader sense, unhealthy lifestyle.

Statistics have shown that “Up to 40% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12, 90% in vitamin D, and 75% in the mineral magnesium”

Even brain supplements can't make up for bad diets or nutritional deficiencies. You have to take care of that by eating healthy foods and eating regularly. Using even the best brain supplements won’t produce as much effect if you don’t feed well.

This might lead you to drug overdose because you might start to think the dosage you took isn’t enough when it's just your feeding habit that is flawed and is preventing the supplement from working properly.

Even the Harvard School of public health advises that the consumption of multivitamin supplements as insurance to fill any nutritional gaps.

Don’t misread this as to think that brain supplements make up for our nutritional deficiencies. It only serves as insurance, and like insurance policies, it boosts what you’ve worked for. In this case, your diet.

#2. Adopt a healthy Lifestyle

So far, these points might sound like normal daily advice that you get from health pamphlets or from friends and family members that work in health firms, but it's really good advice especially when it comes to our brain functionality.

Unless you're Doctor Jekyll from the league of extraordinary men, supplements are not going to make you a superman version of yourself. Brain supplements don’t exactly work like the NZT-48 pills from Bradley Cooper’s Limitless.

They don’t add functionality to your brain. They only improve your brain’s output and boost your brain’s health.

So if you’re thinking of being pretty reckless and rough about your lifestyle, with the hopes that brain supplements would make up for that, you are mistaken. This notion would only drive you to an overdose.

However, living a healthy lifestyle can be of great help to your brain’s health, help you with coordination and strengthen your memory, leaving brain supplements as health insurance.

#3. Make sure your choice is a good match for your condition

These aren’t just like pain meds you take with respect to their potency. There are specifications and compatibility issues you have to consider before taking them.

As explained earlier, there are lots of reasons why people take brain supplements including mood improvement, memory boost, and ensuring good health for your brain, hence there are different substances that work for these different situations.

Seeing as there are many substances and endless combinations to choose from, make sure you pick one that is a good match for your particular set of symptoms

Also, don’t be too rigid as to think extreme of your case. If by prescription, or personal research you find out that all you have are vitamin deficiencies, be contented with that.

Take them regularly and if you don’t get desired results, see a doctor, or be more thorough with your research.

According to research, taking high-qualitymultivitamins and mineral supplements go a long way to help boost your brain’s functionality.

#4. Self-medication is dangerous

I couldn’t possibly overstress this. When it comes to internal organs, you have to be extra careful, Just because it worked like magic for your friend doesn’t mean you should consider using it. If you haven’t consulted the right and qualified people or done thorough research enough, don’t do this!

Having prepared you for the intake of brain supplements, It’s right that you know the best brain supplements in the market today, and then you can choose the one(s) that best fit your brain condition.

Best Brain Supplements Review

While the best brain supplements give the brain about 10 to 50percent performance boost, other benefits of brain supplements include;

· Increased processing speed

· Clarity of thought

· Increased brain creativity

· Improve the overall health of the brain

However, some products don’t really fully deliver the benefits of the best brain supplements as explained earlier, but some have a broader spectrum of benefits as the selected few that would be reviewed below.

The top five brain supplement for brain health picks as chosen by customer reviews as well as prescription from medical officials are reviewed as follows;

Alpha BRAIN Nootropic by Onnit Labs:

As explained in the earlier part of this post, there are specific brain supplements for specific brain functionality. The Alpha brain is famous for its distinct role in mental clarity as well as focus enhancement. So unless this is the issue that concerns you, I’d suggest that you take a look at other reviewed products on this site and see to it that you go with one that matches your needs.

It can be described as one of the best brain supplement for the brain as clarity and focus are quite key in our daily lives.

Basically, The Alpha Brain supplement does this by delivering vital oxygen and the specific nutrients required for focus enhancement to your brain. Some of the ingredients include Alpha GPC, BacopaMonnieri, L-Tyrosine, Huperzine– A,L-Theanine, and Phosphatidylserine.

The ingredients do not include caffeine, which makes it an excellent product for those who normally take large doses of caffeine. However, it also lacks the energy component that many people look forward to when they use performance boosts. So, you might want to have that one covered by yourself.

Excelerol Brain Supplement and Memory Support

This new cutting edge product has proven to be one of the best brains enhancing supplements on the market today. Formulated with clinically studied ingredients, this quick action brain boosting supplement is really good for focus enhancement as well as memory boost.

It majorly focuses on Brain alertness, concentration and brain strength. The ingredients used to create this product and get said outcomes include citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Holy Basil Extract which are important chemical nutrients for brain health.

The Excelerol brand is so confident of this product that they guarantee a 100 percent refund if it doesn’t say what it reads on the cover. So, I’d say… go for it…you literally have nothing to lose.

Oceans 3 - Better Brain 90 Gels

The function of the Oceans 3 quite exceeds brain and neurological support. The better brain 90 gels pack contains a combination of three compounds namely;

Bacopa, which is an Ayurvedic plant produce that boosts the brain's memory,

Phosphatidylserine which is a mood enhancer and provides support to cognitive ability with the addition of omega-3 fatty acids, and,

Vinpocetine – commonly known as the periwinkle plant which is responsible for the stimulation of blood overflow. Given that the brain requires more oxygen than any other organ in the body, this ingredient makes sure that it gets just enough oxygen and blood to promote brain health as well as other functions

The more the blood flow to the brain, the more efficient it becomes. This does not suggest that you should start sleeping upside down, but there's a valid point there.

The combination of these three natural ingredients with the added benefits of fucoxanthin and astaxanthin support the body’s natural response to inflammation and immune system health.

Hence, it has been established that the benefits of this product extend its use for the brain’s functionality. Thumbs up to this.

Moon Juice - Organic + Wildcrafted Adaptogenic Potion (Brain Dust)

Moon juice like other brain supplements has a diverse range of boost provision for brain functionality, however, its ability to boost and maintain healthy systems for superior states of cognizance cannot be overemphasized.

The Moon juice is one of the best brain supplements for brain fog, one of the best brain supplements for adults as well as one of the best supplements for brain health on a general sense. This adaptogenic mix contains various ingredients that help perform these function…some of them include;

Maca,which helps with the stimulation of blood flow and inflammation control,

Astragalus – a common ingredient known to stimulate the immune system from conditions such as common cold as well as respiratory infection,

Lion’smane, - which is a dietary mushroom used as a supplement for cognitive enhancement,

Ginkgo – which improves blood circulation and has proven to be quite useful against the common Alzheimer's disease.

With this combination and much more added benefits, this supplement sure deserves to be a topper in the list of the best supplements for brain health.


Not every drug is a solution to a medical condition. However, unlike most experimental drugs, Listol has been considered to be a breakthrough supplement and have been for a while now, prescribed for attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder patients. According to customer reviews, there has been progressing like you can never imagine.

If this supplement works for a medical condition of this magnitude, surely helping to maintain focus and increasing brain health should be no problem.

The best part of the Listol brain supplement is that it is entirely safe for children (as young as age 6) as it is for adults. It naturally helps to improve attention and concentration, aids to assist focus, memory and increases mental clarity with the help of these ingredients worthy of mention.

Copper – as copper gluconate, which is basically used to treat hypertension;

GABA powder – a special aminoacid that promotes the regulation of neurotransmission. Customer reviews, as well as professional observations, have shown that this ingredient is responsible for relaxation and tends to take care of antianxiety. The only disadvantage of this ingredient is that it does not transfer to the brain in large amounts.

Some others incude; Glycine, Huperzine A Extract(Huperzia serrata), Vitamin B6(as Pyridoxine HCL) among others.

Top 10 Nootropics On Amazon

Having written several post on benefits of nootropics, how nootropics works and their usage, I have decided to go on a self-inspired research, I want to know what the top 10 nootropics in market are.

For the purpose of this post, I have analyzed about one hundred nootropics listed on amazon. Although it wasn’t an easy task, but I can say confidently that the list of nootropics in this post are the best on amazon.

Although there are several nootropics online, a larger percentage of those nootropics are marketed independently and not on amazon. I choose not to analyze the ones not sold on amazon simple because the public opinion on such product can be easily influenced. But on amazon, the reviews are from actually buyer and the ratings is based on hundreds if not thousands of buyers.

Nootropics Rating Factors

For each of the nootropics analyzed, five (5) factors were used as rating metrics. The factors are:

#1. Number Of Purchase:

This is a very crucial factor in the selection process. All products reviewed in this post has nothing less than one thousand purchase.

I decided to go that high, basically for two reasons; the first being that, if the number of purchase is high, it’s either the product is being marketed aggressively by the producers, or the product is that good, and as such it is being recommended by people.

The second reason for considering high number of purchase as a rating factor is because, it gives room for variant opinion. The higher the number of purchase, the higher the number of reviews, which leads me to the second ranking factor.

#2. Number Of Reviews:

This is directly related to the first factor. All the products I analyzed in this post has nothing less than fifty reviews on it. I also scouted for products with independent reviewers and verified purchase.

I won’t be naïve to the fact that, it’s very possible for companies to hire random people to leave good reviews on their product page. I put that into consideration, and as such, I made sure that a larger percentage of the reviews are verified purchase, and that they’re also made by amazon regular users.

Another important factor I considered in this regard is the time difference in the reviews. I went back as far as twelve calendar month to make sure the good reviews are not based on company’s hype and aggressive marketing effort.

#3. First Date On Amazon:

None of the listed product is less than six month old. While many people would argue that the product age shouldn’t be a significant factor. I am of the opinion that, a product with good review over a long period of time is arguably serving it’s purpose. Because if it’s not, then the positive review wouldn’t keep coming up.

#4. Amazon Star Rating:

All products have nothing less than 4/5 product star rating on amazon. While this rating system is highly subjective, I still consider it a valuable method of selecting the best product simple because it’s a public opinion. One of the traditional rules of shopping on amazon is that, the higher the number of star rating, the better the product. I didn’t phase out this rule in my selection process.

#5. Brand/Producer:

This isn’t a rule of thumb, because not all the products listed passed this test. I searched for product produced by companies that are specifically into nootropics production. I wanted to see if they have various products listed, and what the difference is; between those product. While many people may consider this unnecessary, it isn’t so, simple because a larger percentage of products on amazon are listed more than once; albeit with different names. This is a marketing gimmick in other to create a complex paradox of choice for potential buyers.

List Of Top 10 Nootropics On Amazon

After careful selection, with special consideration to at least four of the five factors listed above, here are the top 10 nootropics on amazon.

#1. NeuroPeak:

This product has been on amazon for almost a year. The first review was posted in October 2015. The product is said to stimulate the production of acetylcholine which is a special neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in memory, focus and motivation. It’s also made up of natural extract from ginkgo biloba, know for improving circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain and thereby creating mental alertness.

Other component of this products are specialized amino acid associated with elimination of stress hormone. With over 1,600 customers review and a four (4) star rating, giving this product a try wouldn’t be a mistake.

#2. HCF (Happy Calm Focus Brain Supplement):

The first review for this product was posted in the year 2013, which means it’s been around for approximately three (3) years. It’s composed of basically amino acids that helps the secretion of neurotransmitters. With over 1,000 reviews and four (4) star amazon reviews.

#3. Neuroclarity:

#4. Clarity by Neovicta: 

#5. Test Worx: 

#6. NeuroEnhance Brain Booster:

Known for enhancing focus, mental clarity and memory. It’s made of gingko biloba extract.

#7. UberFocus:

This product is made of purely natural products, with 100 customer reviews and 4.3 of 5 star rating. This product made the list mainly because of the component.

Although the number of reviews isn’t as much as others, it should be noted that the marketing effort isn’t as much either, but the few sales that has been made has gotten good reviews, and it’s a product that definitely worth the try.

#8. NutraPuris Clarity:

#9. Naturra Brain Power

#10. Acetyl L-Carnitine

In conclusion, the nootropics market is relatively young and it’s too early to decide which of the supplements would stand the long test of time. We can only take time to study the market as it grows and new product emerge into the market.

Best Nootropics For Studying: We Reviewed The Good Ones.

This article is about best nootropics for studying, for some other categories of nootropics, please check the nootropics catalogue.

Studying requires a great deal of mental effort. Being a student myself, there are times I would simply lack the motivation to study. On days like that, try as hard as I may, I won’t be able to retain anything in my brain. The lack of motivation may sometimes be due to my own personal lazy habit or the effect of stress on my brain. But what if there is a way around this lack of motivation? What if I can get my brain to focus about 80% or 90% of the time when studying? What if there is a way of remembering a larger percentage of whatever I study? What if my brain is always working as if it’s the peak hour of the day?

Well, there is a way around that, and that is where nootropics or cognitive enhancers comes in, they’re drugs know to enhance the functionality of the brain, they’re also known as smart pill.

Nootropics has been around for quite some times now, although it’s use is mainly among those with critical medical condition, what this implies is that, nootropics were not readily available to people over the counter, it was strictly available by doctor’s prescription.

However, that changed few years ago, when new nootropics created specifically for mentally healthy people flooded the market. The game of focusing has changed drastically, and the drug became available to people that can afford it. This article would review the best nootropics for students, and how nootropics can positively influence your academic performance by increasing your attention span, boosting your memory and stimulating your thinking faculty.

Before we check the best supplement stack for studying, let’s look into the concept of studying and how nootropics and other brain supplements can be of great benefit for students when studying.

Best Nootropics For Improved Neuroplasticity:

The end goal of studying is to remember a larger percentage of what is being studied in the nearest future. The brain works by creating several connection between neurons. What this means is that when we try to study something, our brain would create a sort of connection between neurons, the more we study the topic over and over again, the stronger the connection between the neurons. This is called neuroplasticity.

The ability to quickly make connection between these neurons determine how fast you would remember stuffs when you need them.

The major neurotransmitter responsible for creating new connection of synapses between neurons is called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a significant role in learning new things. It stimulates the neurons to form new connection and as a result, learning speed is greatly increased when nootropics that can stimulate secretion of acetylcholine is taken before studying.

The best nootropics for improving brain neuroplasticity is Alpha GPC Choline Supplement.

Best Nootropics For Improved Attention Span:

This is another important factor when it comes to studying. Long attention span is needed in other to focus on what is being studied. The average attention span is 20 minutes. But with the help of nootropics designed specifically for studying purpose, then this attention span can increase greatly.

In the past, people would naturally turn to coffee drinks to stay alert. But with new nootropics, attention can be greatly increased without taking several cups of coffee all through the day. Aside from sleep deprivation that caffeine drinks present, it also does not do a good job as compared to modern nootropics for increasing attention span.

Dopamine and serotonin are the neurotransmitter responsible for maintaining the attention span. The best nootropics for improving attention and motivation for studying is Neuropeak. This nootropics is also known to stimulate the production of neurochemical called hypocretin, which has great influence in supplying the brain with sufficient energy for mental work.

Best Nootropics For Improved Memory:

Being able to remember what has been studied determines how well you would perform in the exams. The ability to recall stored information relies on the strong connection between neurons. Having mentioned earlier that acetylcholine is responsible for creating and maintaining connection between neurons, as a result of this, taking supplements that can stimulate the secretion of acetylcholine would go a long way in improving memory.

While Alpha GPC Choline Supplement is the best supplement for improving memory, many students usually use Alpha GPC Choline Supplement alongside other supplements which is capable of stimulating the secretion of choline; example of which includes Jarrow Formulas Neuro Optimizer.

Reviews Of Best Nootropics For Studying On Amazon

The nootropics supplements listed below are selected based on buyers review, component of the supplements and overall rating. I have done my best to pick within a very large range, and as such, there are some with gluten and caffeine component, while others are completelty gluten and caffeine free.

1. Alpha GPC Choline Supplement: It’s known to be the most bioavailable choline supplement in market. Based on several buyers comment and review, it’s no doubt that this supplement lives up to expectation.

2. Neuropeak : It’s made up of vinpocetine, bacopa, gingko biloba extract and L-glutamine. All of which are known to play critical roles in memory and mental alertness.

3. Nootropics Brain Function Booster: The product is naturally sourced, with no gluten, no diary, yeast or any form of preservatives. It’s presumed to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and as well increase focus and concentration. It boost neurotransmitter secretion and most importantly, stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain.

4. Alpha Brain : This nootropics supplement is gluten and caffeine free. It’s made of naturally sourced product and has great reviews for it’s function in stimulation of the brain cell for retentive memory. It made the list because it’s caffeine free.

5. Jarrow Formulas Neuro Optimizer: Some of its major components includes; citicoline, phosphatidylcholine, and L-Glutamine. These chemical compounds are known to stimulate the secretion of choline in the brain. Choline being a potent neurotransmitter for improving the brain neuroplasticity.

Alpha Brain Supplements Review

So you’ve heard about the Alpha Brain supplement and you're wondering what it really does? This post will definitely help with that.

Obviously most people see supplements as enhancers, and in this case, because of this much rave and hype about memory boosts in movies, you might be led to think these meds make you Charles Xavier’s competition. That’s totally absurd.

As the name implies, brain supplements are manufactured to make up for lost nutrients that naturally govern our brain functions. In some cases, they put an extra token in the gift bag by minutely enhancing our abilities. Now, you shouldn’t bank on that because these only happen to a select few based on their body’s initial functionality. We can't all expect the same effects of a drug on different people. It all depends on their anatomy, on their genetic makeup. Stuff you can't tamper with. So, when you decide to use brain supplements, don’t get your hopes up in expectation for super abilities. It’s a ruse.

The Alpha brain supplement is being manufactured by Onnit Labs for six years running now, since 2010, and made popular through the social media, especially the Joe Rogan experience.However, this experience isn't really the reason the product has been considered to be one of the best bran supplements.

Before now, this brand of brain supplements has been called the complete balanced nootropic. However recently, this title has been more justified by giving us reason to believe that it also works as a workout supplement. This shouldn’t be hard to believe seeing as the brain controls the functionality of other parts of the body. It could enhance our reaction to exercises and workout routines.

So far, The Alpha brain supplement has passed series of human clinical tests which have shown statistical significance on cognition and mental health. Apart from being popular for enhancing lucid dreams, this high-quality supplement has also been the favorite of lots due to the manufacturer’s emphasis on using only natural (earth-grown) ingredients.

Alpha brain ingredient

The functions of the Alpha brain supplement that distinguish it from other supplements are basically in the ingredient used to manufacture it.You should take a careful study of these ingredients, ignorance could be disastrous.

Apart from the dangers of ignorance, there isn’t actually much to worry about when it comes to this product seeing as the key ingredients are top notch. They have also done well in selecting finer and more functional options like the Alpha GPC which would be discussed in one of the tabs below.

Some of the key Alpha brain ingredients include;

· Alpha GPC

Like I mentioned earlier, the Aloha Glycerylphosphorylcholine was specifically chosen by the Alpha brand in place of the Choline Bitartrate because it is a better and purer source of choline which is the main ingredient under consideration here.

Memory and focus deficiency and can be linked to low choline levels, making Alpha GPC the key reagent for memory boost.

Basically, it improves the acetylcholine content in the brain, which in turn helps to promote the growth of neurons in the brain as well as the brain’s functionality by repairing damaged brain cells too.

As much as the Alpha GPC is considered to be the best choline sources, it’s actually second best to CDP-choline. However, as long as you get the desired results, it doesn’t really matter.

· HuperziaSerrata

HuperziaSerrata is actually a plant extract which is an Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor which basically breaks down the acetylcholine, and increases its availability for the brain. Technically, it works hand in hand with the Alpha GPC to manage choline levels for as long as your dosage lasts.

According to research, this choline supplement has proven its effectiveness in enhancing memory storage, retrieval – which makes up for the lucid dream benefits of the Alpha brain supplement, boost concentration and mental clarity.

This natural chemical has to be timed perfectly to maximize its effectiveness. I believe the dosing of the drug takes care of that.

· Vinpocetine

For decades now, this periwinkle plant extract has been quite useful in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders. Research shows that vinpocetine can be used to increase blood flow, and as you know, this boosts the brain’s functionality.

Other ingredients of the Alpha brain supplement include; Pterostilbene, L-Leucine, Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose, Water), Bamboo Silica, Phosphatidylserine, AC-11 (UncariaTomentosa), etc

Recommended Dosage

Apart from all the cool features, the Alpha brain supplement has to offer, the dosage instructions are also clear cut, and easy to follow.

The recommendation according to the manufacturer – Onnit – is 1 to 2 capsules with a light breakfast or brunch, however, it's okay to increase the dosage to 3 capsules provided that you weigh over 200 pounds. This configuration works for amental boost, makes your brain sharp for work or school, or whatever you're involved in.

If you have a desire for lucid dreams, take this dosage about four hours before going to bed. But whatever you do, Onnit advises that you shouldn’t take more than 3 capsules in a 24-hour span.

How it works 

You might be wondering why all these ingredients are used together, as much as they individually have enough potency to improve the brain’s health in their own way. Well, they all have weak points, and using them simultaneously like that makes up for their shortcomings, and hence ensuring that you get the desired results and value for your money.

I won't bore you with the gory details of its mode of operation, although there’s another angle that might be of more help to you. Different posts on this blog have advised consulting a medical practitioner, but I've been there once, I mean, I literally am a drug user too, so I know how surreal considering that might be, even though it’s the best idea.

However, I'm going to help out in the way I possibly can by giving you the dosage of the Alpha brain supplement. If you cannot see your doctor for a prescription, at least follow these to the letter.

Also, make sure you know your vitamin levels and ensure that this is the right drug for you. Unfortunately, that is something I cannot help you with here.

Benefits Of Alpha Brain Supplement

The benefits of the Alpha brain supplements explained here might not look different from that of other supplements, but remember that the output varies. Owing to the differences in the ingredients used. The Alpha brain supplement is a caffeine free, well sourced, a natural brand which works just fine, and has no stimulants that could help fake these effects.

Some of the other benefits are;

Enhanced Focus and cognizance:

The vinpocetine in the Alpha brain supplement helps with the flow of oxygen and blood to the right parts of the brain just enough to help achieve better focus and enhanced cognitive ability.

Enhanced Recall and Memory:

For students and financial workers and other practitioners who have to be equipped with certain amounts of data over a long period of time, you’ll be pleased to know that the Alpha GPC content of the Onnit Alpha brain supplement produce a combined effort that increases the plasticity of the brain, thereby improving the overall functionality of the brain towards data acquisition.

Improved sleep:

It's not a bad thing to be obsessed with your dreams. This product, however, can help you stop beating yourself up for forgetting your dreamland adventures, making your sleep more restful and productive,

Possible Side Effects Of Alpha Brain Supplement

One of the few things we check after producing an edible product, especially drugs is the side effect, and then maybe the expiry dates. Most people, however, fail to realize that the side effects do not manifest on a general scope. It's just like allergies, some people have, and some don’t.

That being said, if you have taken the right precautions before purchase – consulting a licensed medical practitioner- you wouldn’t have to experiment on yourself to see if these effects affect you or not.

As much as clinic trials have shown new results as regarding the Alpha brain supplement, it's still safe to use. Although, like other drugs, some users might experience side effects after use.

Also, these effects might surface when you do not follow the prescription to the letter.

For example; The Alpha brain supplement contains a high dose of HuperziaSerrata. Therefore, licensed recommendations state that you shouldn’t use it every day of the week. Taking a day off or two will increase its effectiveness. If you don’t abide by this rule, there will be a slight decrease in its effectiveness, which in turn might lead you to an overdose, and from that, side effects might turn up.

The increased levels of acetylcholine caused by the effects of the HuperziaSerrata have been known to cause constant headaches and a rather disturbing level of lucid dreams. Users have complained about the exceptional vividity of the dreams which make them feel uncomfortable at some point, depending on the dream.

Anxiety issues as well as diarrhea have also been reported by users and volunteers. However, if you fall under this category, lay off of it for a while, and then eventually reduce your dosage.

For people who have low blood pressure, however, this drug isn’t really for you as major side effects have been reported from this selective category of users. Vinpocetine aids blood and oxygen flow, and this feature counter the effects of low blood pressure, so, get your blood pressure checked out before commencing dosage.

Apart from these effects, there isn’t anything to worry about, considering the fact that the other ingredients have low toxicity, and aren’t capable of real damage to the body.

Purchasing Alpha Brain Supplements

Before you purchase

I can't overemphasize on how careful you need to be when using brain supplements. For those who feel like their bodies have outgrown the effects of the Alphabrain supplement, or one a broader sense, the use of one supplement, you have to be extra careful. Mixing brain supplements can be really dangerous for your brain.

However, I would suggest that you go for the natural forms of the extra boost you need in the right proportions, instead of overdosing.

For example, the Alpha brain supplement contains a high dose of HuperziaSerrata, whose functions are based on the alpha GPC choline source. So, instead of combining it with other nootropics, you can enhance the effect of acetylcholine by taking it with piracetam which is what most people are into these days. You still have to be careful with it, though.

By boosting acetylcholine with the Alpha brain supplement, you can fully enjoy the effects you get when you use piracetam

Where can you purchase

When I first started my research about brain supplements, like most people I didn’t bother about the availability of the drugs in my vicinity, I just naturally assumed every medicine store should have them on sale. I was wrong!

Alpha Brain supplement is available for purchase on amazon.​


In most cases, especially relating to edible products, the cons are closely related to the side effects which are based on medical history, and customer complaints.

However, the side effects of the Alpha brain supplements do not outweigh the benefits, so you have nothing to worry about.

Mostly, the side effects of drugs are due to the drawbacks of the ingredients used. However, clinic trials have shown that, recently, the chemical combination, as well as the formula used, are worse than the old ones.

The product still works, though, but you could probably get complete and pro-health solutions for equal or less money. I wouldn’t be so quick as to point out alternatives, though, but you might want to look into them.


Even with these much side effects and cons, the Alpha brain supplement remains one of the top ten brain supplements on review today. Also, if you are not satisfied with the product, Onnit has a 30-day refunding policy, which opportunities you to return the supplement within that period of time if you change your mind about the purchase. However like other products, terms and conditions apply.

The major point in that is that no manufacturer would be willing to give a refund based on customer feedback if it his produce isn’t up to standards. With this policy, you literally have nothing to lose, as long as you don’t take matters into your own hands, literally.