Pre-Workout Supplements: Do They Really Work?


Pre workout supplements improve your energy, focus, and stamina in the gym. It helps you to fully benefit from your workout time in the gym.

The majority of people who take pre workout supplements do so to boost their energy levels, muscle power or staying power during their workout.

What are pre workout supplements?

Pre workout supplements are food supplements usually made up of ingredients like caffeine, guarana and creatine. Before you purchase any pre-workout supplement, you need to check review on that particular supplement to find out how effective it is and if it has any side effects or not. Never use one unless you have found out that it is healthy pre workout supplements.

What most of these best pre and post workout supplements do is to alter your feeling during your work-out and after.


Do pre workout supplements work?

The majority of pre workout supplements are made with active ingredients which help athletes to run as if they have be overly powered.

These active ingredients boost your staying power, your blood flow, and your heart rate. It perks up your focus, pumps more blood onto your skin and creates a stinging effect on you. However, these effects don’t make you any larger, stronger or quicker.

Some of these active ingredients in top-rated pre-workout supplements like caffeine, creatine and beta-alanine actually boost performance in great athletes and body builders; they only give trainers boost if they want to train a bit above their natural limit.

Buying cheap pre workout supplements without first evaluating how effective and safe they are not recommended. This is because some supplements are made up some ingredients that are not healthy for your health and which are illegal to use like the amphetamine stimulants.

Also a few supplements that are made up of only legally permitted active ingredients add excessive caffeine. You may be disposing yourself to suffering from heart disease when you take such supplement made with excess caffeine.

A lot of research certifies that caffeine boosts your physical strength before your training or workout. One of such research according to the Journal of Strength Conditioning and Resistance discovered that men who drank caffeine supplements could carry out dead lifting, bench-pressing or other heavy lifting at more kilogram of weight than their panacea counterpart. Few other studies show that athletes can boost their aerobic ability with a specific dose of caffeine.

However, it was also found that when your body has got used to it, the benefit if caffeine tends to lessen. Mind you, excessive caffeine can lead to health hazard. The amount of caffeine normally placed in the pre workout supplements are usually much more than what is normally present in food and drinks.

However, too much caffeine can pose a health risk, and supplements can contain much more than is found in food or drinks. You could gulp gallons of coffee and not experience a true caffeine overdose. Nevertheless, even at much lower levels, caffeine can degenerate basic health conditions like heart arrhythmia, which could result to cardiac arrest.

A recent research conducted by LabDoor discovered that a lot of these pre-workout supplements are made up of soaring doses of caffeine. One of the supplements is made up of 435 milligrams of caffeine which is near to the amount of caffeine that is contained in four cups of coffee.

Even though the LabDoor discovered that none of the supplements were made up of a dose of caffeine that would be unsafe by itself using these supplements with some cups of coffee, tea or soda water can cause some side effects like a wobbly feeling, nausea and a feeling of unwell,. It could as well worsen core heart conditions.

The sole function of these supplements is to be empowered to exercise harder or more powerfully. Thus, pre-workout supplements that have high level of caffeine could pre-dispose you to being at risk of suffering from heart diseases.

Nevertheless, the levels of caffeine in the majority of these pre-workout supplements are not likely to be actually hazardous.

Taking the supplements does not make you automatically go over the recommended safe dosage of caffeine but when you abuse it by taking a double dose or more than that.

Creatine and amino acids

Almost all pre-work out supplements are made up of creatine. Creatine improves your ability to produce muscular energy and as well draw your body tissue fluid from your blood plasma into your skeletal muscle. This helps your muscle performance.

Creatine supplements provide you with reasonable benefits when taken one or two times. It was discovered during a research conducted in 2003 that school football players who took the supplement suffered lesser amount of muscle cramp and drying out. They also had minimal wound compared to their counterpart who didn’t take the supplement.

You need to take creatine constantly to be able to climax to adequate levels. Gulping creatine just once or twice your workout session is not sufficient enough to generate the basic level that will result to such effect.

The majority of people who go to the gym and only spend 10% training and the rest 90 percentage chatting away instead of lifting may not even be able to work out enough to feel the effect of the ingredients.

A study found out that a few supplements that contain creatine don’t usually specify the percentage of creatine present. Thus rating supplements based on their levels of ingredients may be deceptive due to the fact that there has not been sufficient research conducted that shows the dosage of supplements active ingredients may be effectual.

Also, the producers of pre workout supplements frequently make changes to the formula of their products’ every quarter of the year.

The B vitamin Niacin

Niacin is other popular active ingredient found in the majorities of pre-workout supplements. It generates sweat and induces a flow of blood which is referred to as niacin flush to the skin.

Vasodilators like citrulline

Vasodilators broaden the blood vessels. This leads to increase of blood flow to the muscle which in turns dilates the muscles and make them appear bigger during your workout sessions.

Pragmatically, pre workout supplements should only be taken if your nutrition is not adequate and you thus require some help to boost your energy. For example a boxer who wants to workout but who wants to belong to lower class weight category. Again, it may be necessary if you are on a low carbohydrate diet and there is a need to boost up your energy.

Pre workout supplements are made up of a lot of active ingredients which may be roughly ten in number.

There has not been any indication that shows the mixture of ingredients provides more help in runners training than each individual ingredient on its own.

Each workout supplement maker just decides on its mixture of the ingredients and recipe. Thus, depending on the combination of the active ingredients found in each of these supplements, some supplements perform better with higher level of creatine while others at a much lower level of creatine.

Are Pre workout supplements safe?

The most possible risk that is connected with pre-workout supplements is the addition of harmful substances. The Food and Drug Administration of recent discovered that USPLabs, the producer of jack3d and OxyElite Pro pre-workout supplements has included harmful substances that have led to many deaths and severe liver injury and has filed criminal charge against them.

Inclusion of harmful substances in to pre-workout supplements

It was discovered that the company included1,3-dimethylamylamine which is not among the approved supplement ingredients. A test conducted by LabDoor shows that the newer production of this pre workout supplements no longer contain the harmful dimethylamine but TRAIN Critical FX pre-workout supplement was found to contain similar illegal ingredient known as beta-methylphenethylamine. This substance can cause heart diseases.

Do pre-workout supplements work?

All in all, the majority of pre-workouts are safe and good pre workout supplements but often times their popularity depends often the manufacturers advertising power. It is not necessarily in what they contain or what they can achieve in you. These supplements in reality won’t do much for you unless you are already doing a great work yourself. They are just added boost.

These having being said, we have researched and come up with a few pre workout supplements that users have testified to their effectiveness. If you are looking to perk up your staying power, consider any of these recommended, tested and safe pre-workout supplements:

ALTIUS Pre-Workout Supplement

ALTIUS Pre-Workout Supplement is a nature Sweetened pre workout supplement. It is produced in the USA IN a cGMP & NSF licensed facility This is ranked the best pre-workout supplement according to best pre workout supplements’ review.

It is formulated with powerful Clinically Dosed active ingredients. This supplement boosts your energy and mental alertness. It enhances your endurance and gives you a powerful strength boost.

Why Altius pre-workout is classified no one in this 5 top pre-workout supplements

It boosts your energy, enhances your mental focus, augment your strength and drive.

It is the definitive high performance pre workout powder and top most pre-workout supplements.

It is completely made of natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain artificial additives like food dyes or sweeteners; it is made up of no proprietary mixtures.

It is clinically dosed, fail-safe and most powerful pre workout. Altius pre-workout makes use of first-class active ingredients in clinically-correct and effective dosages.

B-NOX, Bullnox Androrush

This was formerly known as Betancourt Bullnox (B-NOX) Pre Workout Powder.

It is an excellent supplement that supplement that actually manifest in practice. It induces you in the absence of gamma radiation. It is made up of multi-creatine power and stimulants. It provides moderate pump matrix, and activates your natural testosterone. It thus energizes your inner masculine features. B-NOX is a great pre-workout supplement that acts as a powerful propelling mechanism.

Basic benefits of pre workout supplements: What you will get from Betancourt Bullnox supplement

It leads to matchless Testosterone Activation

It gives you very powerful muscle power

It controls Vascular Pump

It gives you very powerful ability to endure

It enhances the growth of Muscle mass

It provides you with potent male Energy and mental alertness

Pre Jym Pre Workout Supplement

Pre Jym is among the most new pre workout supplements among our list of 5 top pre workout supplements. It is formulated by Jim Stoppani, a successful bodybuilder and PhD through his scientific approach and focus on natural active ingredients.

It is a powerful pump pre-workout supplement, thanks to the potent power of creatine. It also enhances your endurance.

What you gain from using Stoppani’s new Pre JYM

It is an All-In-One blend

It contains no proprietary Blends

It contains natural pre workout supplements’ Ingredients

It has yielded medically certified effects

Two Bottles Nitric Oxide Complex

Musclepharm Assault is esteemed by bodybuilders, athletes, and boxers. It is an all in one pre work out supplement formulated to boost your performance while working out. It boosts your strength. When the effects wear off, you’d need some times to get back to normal. It is a powerful pre workout formulated for weighty workouts without including D-aspartic acid or high level of l-citrulline as active ingredients.

What you gain from taking Musclepharm Assault Pre Workout

Nitrate release vessel

It is made up of principal Amino Acids

It acts as Nitric Oxide drive

It has powerful Creatine Power

Boosts your hydration and staying power

It acts as powerful energy Stimulant

Musclepharm Assault

This nitric oxide complex supplement is very good for any form sexual dysfunction. It is also great for your workout. It provides great value at an affordable prize. When you take this supplement, you’d be surprised at how quick you’d obtain results. It is formulated with L-Arginine HCL, L-Arginine AKG (Alpha KetoGlutarate), and Citrulline Malate. Each bottle contains 90 capsules per bottle for a total of 180 capsules.

Why you need this pre workout supplement?

It actually leads to a growth of muscle mass

It firms the muscles

It leads to a boost of energy

It enhances your stamina

It provides you with a great pump

This is also a suitable pre workout supplements for women.

Our choice of these five top pre workout supplements is based on opinions of users and testimony of people who have made use of them. Remember as we said earlier, these companies usually tweak their products every now and then. Thus, what are classified as top pre workout supplements today may not be the best tomorrow.

If you have other ones you think will make it among these top five lists and have proof to back up your claims, feel free to leave us a note. Collectively, we would constantly work to come up with the most effective and top 10 pre workout supplements!

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