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Best Kava: Buying and Using Guide 2017

Kava-Kava; Kava for short is scientifically known as Piper methysticum. Grown mainly in Vanuatu and Fiji, the root of the plant is considered to have various health benefits; ranging from sedative, to euphoric as well as anesthetic benefits. Some people also testify to the effectiveness of kava root powder in dealing with anxiety.

Getting full benefit of kava root extract begins from understanding what makes the best kava, how kava-kava works, different forms of kava available for consumption, where to buy the best root extract as well as trusted vendors.

This is exactly what I intend to analyze in details in this article, and I hope by the time you’re done reading, your questions about kava-kava would have been answered.

The most active ingredient found in kava root extract is known as kavalactone. The amount of effect you get from kava-kava is directly proportional to the percentage of kavalactone present in the product. This is why most people argue that kava that has been processed into various forms; supplements, capsule, gum, or tea are usually not as potent as the natural root powder.

While this argument may hold as the truth, there are several other factors that goes into the choice of kava being consumed. Take for instance, the time and effort that goes into getting the extract from natural roots coupled with the fact that they’re not easily accessible to someone living in this part of the world.

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Fiber Supplements : Soluble and Insoluble Fiber Supplements

Fiber also known as roughage is the part of plant food that is undigested. It gets stored in your gut and is eventually expelled out of the body through the stools. 

Fiber and natural fiber supplements aid in the proper bowel movement and inhibits you from suffering from bowel problems like constipation.

The significance of fiber in your diet

Having sufficient fiber (18 grams daily) in your diet makes your stool soft and easy to defecate.

· It also prevents and treats constipation

· It minimizes your likelihood of suffering from bowel issues like diverticular disease, haemorrhoids and anal fissure.

· It helps in weight loss. It creates a feeling of fullness but doesn’t add extra calorie to your diet or get digested.

· It minimizes your risk of suffering from bowel cancer.

· It helps in the reduction of cholesterol level and regulates the level of blood sugar.

· It may minimize your possibility of suffering from diabetes.

Types of fiber and fiber supplements

The fiber in the food you it is of two forms: soluble and insoluble fiber. They perform different function in your body.

You therefore need to incorporate the two forms of fiber in your everyday diet. The majority of fibrous foods have a mixture of both types in them.

Insoluble fiber and Insoluble fiber supplements

Insoluble fiber is the type of fiber that does not dissolve in water. It goes through your digestive tract and passes out through your stool unaltered. It makes the stool more bulky and makes it easy to pass through digestive system.

It neutralizes the pH condition of your intestines and inhibits colon cancer. It is mostly present in seeds, nuts, fruit skin, maize, dark green leafy veggies, wheat bran and whole grains. Fiber supplements for constipation are usually made with some of these ingredients.

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Pre-Workout Supplements: Do They Really Work?

Pre workout supplements improve your energy, focus, and stamina in the gym. It helps you to fully benefit from your workout time in the gym.

The majority of people who take pre workout supplements do so to boost their energy levels, muscle power or staying power during their workout.

What are pre workout supplements?

Pre workout supplements are food supplements usually made up of ingredients like caffeine, guarana and creatine. Before you purchase any pre-workout supplement, you need to check review on that particular supplement to find out how effective it is and if it has any side effects or not. Never use one unless you have found out that it is healthy pre workout supplements.

What most of these best pre and post workout supplements do is to alter your feeling during your work-out and after.

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Using Memory Supplements For Brain Enhancement. (Ultimate Guide)

Dementia is a problem that people are more conscious about these days than earlier. Thanks to advanced medical care, the overall percentage of people over the age of 65 has increased considerably and it is forecast that over the next 15 years dementia and Alzheimer's disease will increase by at least 20 percent amongst our elderly populace.

These two memory related diseases not only cause forgetfulness but also cause depression, irritability and confusion and have been known to be seventh-leading cause of death in the US. Moreover it costs the country $60 billion dollars in costs each year.

People wrongly assume that failing memory leading to these two debilitating diseases is an inevitable part of getting old and there is little that can be done about it. They could not be more wrong. It can be prevented or at least delayed through the use of supplements to improve memory.

First, there are no miracle cures for a bad memory and secondly research has proved that there are vitamins and memory enhancement supplements that can improve memory and stimulate brain functions to work better.

It is wrong to deride any particular treatment without first analyzing the claims of the product and subjecting it to the strictest of scrutiny before passing judgment, adverse or complimentary.

Skeptics have been known to jump to premature judgment even for supplements for sexual enhancement for men and healthy energy drinks, even though extensive research inarguably proved that such supplements do exist.

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Potassium Supplements (The Only Guide You NEED).

Like others, potassium supplements are used to replenish low levels of potassium in the body. A distinct function of potassium in the body is for treating high blood pressure and stroke.

They are also necessary to keep the heart, kidneys and some other body organs in good working condition.

Although balance diets usually provides all the potassium a person needs to stay healthy, potassium vitamin supplements may be needed by patients who do not have enough potassium in their regular diet or have lost so much potassium due to illness or treatment with certain medications.

In such instance, potassium dietary supplements would be prescribed by a doctor.

Natural potassium supplements are purely derived from vegetables, bananas, milk, potatoes, citrus, avocados, nuts, like almonds and peanuts.

Unlike forms derived from other means that contains fillers, binders and lubricants such as magnesium stearate which uses stearic acid and other binders for faster production natural potassium supplements are pure without additives and are chemical free.

This, however, isn’t all there is to know about potassium supplements. The other health benefits of potassium include its use to treat headaches, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, blurred vision, stress, insomnia, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue syndrome, insulin resistance, symptoms of menopause, high levels of calcium, thallium poisoning, etc.

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Best Brain Enhancing Supplements (Buying The Best For Your Brain)

What are best brain enhancing supplements? It is no news that there are supplements that can be taken to enhance the cognitive function of our brain.

The brain on it’s own is a very complex organ in the body. It controls the mode of operation of other organs and systems in the body.

What this means is that, if the brain is not functioning properly, then virtually all other organs and body systems would be affected; either directly or indirectly.

The responsibility placed on the brain is such an enormous one, and this explains why it’s always very easy to get tired after engaging in a mentally stressful activity.

With the invention of brain supplements and other types of nootropics, it is now possible to supplement the minerals and vitamins that are responsible for keeping the brain in good working condition.

When this minerals and vitamins are supplemented, the brain gets enough nutrients to secrete the neurochemicals that are valuable in carrying out various neuronal functions.

Briefly, taking supplements meant for brain function enhancement can make you smarter, more focused and less stressed.

This article would explore the best brain enhancing supplements, how they function, what makes up each brain-enhancing supplement, and how you can take advantage of these supplements to enhance your cognitive and other brain functions.

As at the time of writing this article, over 100 neurotransmitter has been identified. In broad term, their role is to transmit coded messages across neurons, usually from receptor neuron to effector neuron.

If a neurotransmitter fails to transmit message across neurons, then the brain can’t effectively perform it’s function.

Take for instance, you saw a snake in your living room. A certain type of neurotransmitter is released by your brain, the moment your eye sends the signal to your brain and the brain interprets the current situation as danger.

This neurotransmitter would automatically raise your alert level and push you to run, even if you don’t want to. This is a typical example of how neurotransmitters influence our daily activity.

Although there are several reasons why an individual might want to enhance the functionality of their brain.

Most times, it’s either because they want to stay focused on a particular assignment, or they are trying to study new material or subject.

Whatever the purpose is, the mechanism of action of brain enhancing supplements still remains the same.


When brain enhancing supplements are taken, they function by stimulating the brain cell to secret the required neurotransmitter in abundance, and as a result, the functionality of the brain is greatly improved.

Proper understanding of the above explanation would give an insight into the fact that, as far as brain supplement is concerned, it’s not an “all-size fit all “ thing. You need specific supplement to enhance specific function of the brain.

If you want to stay alert, then you need a supplement that would excite your brain cell by stimulating the brain to secrete excitatory neurotransmitter such as Glutamate.

For motivation purpose, then you need to take supplements such as Dopamine, which has been linked to the brain reward system.

This same neurotransmitter has been shown to be of low level in people suffering from Parkinsonism, while those suffering from Schizophrenia has a little too much of dopamine flooding their brain.

Neurotransmitter such as serotonin is associated with memory and learning in the brain , it controls mood and behavior.

People diagnosed with clinical depression have low level of serotonin in their cerebrospinal fluid. While Norepinephrine and epinephrine plays a role in sleep pattern, focus and alertness.

All Size DON'T Fit All

It’s important to note that the role of some of these neurotransmitter varies based on the region of action.

What this means is that, while some neurotransmitter are capable of playing excitatory function in the central nervous system, the same neurotransmitter may play inhibitory function in the digestive system.

However, since the scope of this article is about the brain, and we are interested in how the function of the brain can be enhanced by supplementing these neurotransmitter, the focus would be on neurotransmitters that can perform excitatory function in the central nervous system

In choosing any brain enhancing supplement, the first question that should be answered is what you want to enhance.

What function of the brain would you like to enhance? Creativity? Mood? Learning? Executive function etc…

Once the purpose of supplementing has been reviewed and answered, then you can go ahead and select the supplement that is capable of stimulating the secretion of the neurotransmitter that is responsible for the purpose you intend to enhance.


A special neurotransmitter called GABA (Gamma-Amino butyric acid) is linked with anxiety. It’s used in regulation of several cortical function of the brain.

Supplement rich in GABA can be used in calming down when there is a hint of anxiety.


Glutamate is a major neurotransmitter linked with learning and memory.

Deficiency of glutamate in some region of the brain has been linked to Alzheimer disease and other neuronal disease that has memory loss has its symptoms.


A neurotransmitter known as Norepinephrine is associated with alertness, learning, sleeping and attention.

Taking supplements rich in norepinephrine can improve the functioning of the brain in the listed above listed areas.


Serotonin has been linked to various function in the body, it’s major principal role is in the digestive system, however, in the brain it’s linked to regulation of mood.

As studied in depression patient, who are known to have significantly low amount of serotonin in their cerebrospinal fluid.

As mentioned in the early part of this article, there are several neurotransmitters that are responsible for eliciting the brain functions; only a handful of them has been mentioned in this article.

It should also be noted that, each neurotransmitter functions effectively alongside other neurotransmitters. I only associated each neurotransmitter with certain function because they play the principal role in that regard.

Taking supplements capable of stimulating the production of the above listed neurotransmitter would greatly enhance the functionality of the brain. Some supplements have few of them combined together, but it’s much better to focus on the specific need. You can also try some brain supplement stacks by combining two or more supplements to achieve the desired result.

Conclusively, remember to stay within the limit of the prescription, and consult a professional when there is a need to do so.


Top 16 Supplements Blog

Our fathers who lived in the Stone Age didn’t need supplements; I mean why would they with a healthy bowl of bone broth for breakfast, a handful of vitamin-laded fruits for lunch and some other organic munchies for dinner.

2,000 years later, the story is not the same. Breakfast for most means a cup of coffee and maybe a slice of sandwich. Lunch? Oh, McDonalds would take care of that and then for dinner, just microwave some of the frozen food (which is mostly junks anyway), brush your teeth and off you go to bed. It’s a busy world, food is unimportant.

With such a lifestyle, it’s no wonder that life expectancy rate has drastically reduced from what it used to be. People are dying from various health issues because they are not getting the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals they should be getting into their body systems.

So some innovative minds rose up and said “No, we won’t allow people to continue to die of nutritional deficiencies, we must find a way to help them”. Then they went to the lab and came up with these little miracles in a bottle; Nutritional supplements!

Nutritional supplements contain herbs, minerals, vitamins and other essential ingredients that can be added to a diet to help boost overall health and energy including immune system support, improvement of mental performance, promotion of healing from diseases and increasing of performance in athletic activities.

So if you are finding it difficult to get all the right vitamins and minerals into your body, you can add up supplements to make up for the deficiency.

The sad news however is that everyone seems to be making/selling nutritional supplements these days with each one claiming its products to be the best. How do you then differentiate the effective supplements from the hyped ones?

We have compiled a list of the top 20 supplement blogs that would help you learn a lot about excellent and nutritional supplements in the market. From these blogs, you would be able to read reviews on different nutritional supplements and also learn about the supplements to use for different health conditions and nutritional needs.

Wellwise is a blog that prides itself on provision of unbiased and authoritative information regarding nutrition and healthy living. It also provides an avenue for consumers to learn from nutritionists and health professions.

On the blog, you would find various categories of health conditions like ADHD, Joint health, Skin health, men’s health, cancer, weight management, inflammation, bone health, stress, digestive health, depression and women’s health as well as the right nutritional supplements that can help to alleviate or improve these conditions such as Aloe supplements. Beta-Carotene supplements, Alpha-Lipoic acid supplements, choline supplements, calcium supplements, cinnamon and Co-enzyme Q10 supplements, cranberry supplements, Curcumin supplements, Gingko biloba supplements, magnesium supplements, Lycopen supplements, Pycnogenol supplements, prebiotic supplements, probiotic supplements, selenium supplements, Zinc supplements as well as Vitamins A, C,E,B, D, K2 and Omega-3 supplements amongst others.

Top 10 Supplements is a blog dedicated to reviewing and ranking of the best and latest supplements in the market. The blog helps to provide confused consumers with information on the use, quality and effectiveness of different supplements in the market. You would also find useful tips, articles and recipes to boost your health on the blog.

Topics you would typically find on the blog include Top 10 protein powders for women, Top 10 Creatine Supplements, Best Glutamine Supplements for 2016, Top 10 Probiotic supplements, Top 10 Iodine supplements, Top 10 Energy drinks and gels, Top 10 Prenatal Vitamins for Women, Top 10 Anti-oxidant Supplements and Vitamins, Best CLA Supplements and a whole lot of other useful supplement reviews and articles.

Labdoor is a blog with a difference. Rather than just give you reviews about nutritional supplements based on what other users have said, the authors of the blog actually buy these supplements secretly and then test the product in an FDA-registered lab to know what is actually inside each product and whether or not it is safe for you. You even get a ranking on a scale of 1-10 of how crappy or great a product is.

The blog has a lot of useful rankings and recommendations on various supplements such as BCAA’s, Melatonin supplements, protein supplements, multivitamins, pre-workout supplements, energy supplements and creatine supplements to mention few.

This is another useful blog where you can find helpful information on various brands of nutritional supplements and not just that, there are helpful articles regarding fitness and health in general. The blog lists as its partner, several other authority blogs like,, and The Lift List.

Some useful nutritional supplements related topics on this blog include Top 10 Nootropics that will make you smarter, Top 10 BCAA Supplements to enhance recovery, Top 10 protein powders, Best Pre-workout Supplements to Improve Your Training, Best Weight Gainer Supplements to Pack on Muscle, Top 10 Men’s Multivitamins in the World, Best Post-Workout Recovery Supplements to Pack on Muscles and Improve Performance and Top 10 Glutamine Supplements to help Build Muscles and Enhance Recovery.

The blog reviews various brands of nutritional supplements and provides a buying guide for people who are interested in purchasing such products. The buying guide covers topics like which supplements are effective? Which retailers are credible? Etc. You would also find reviews of various categories of nutritional supplements on the blog like female supplements. Fruit supplements, children supplements, weight loss supplements, acne care, allergy/immune system boosting supplements and vitamins.

Did you know that 28% of protein supplements do not pass quality tests? Or that a whooping 80% of Milk Thistle supplements do not pass quality tests either? Alarming right?

Well, these are the kinds of information you would be privileged to have first hand access to when you visit this blog. You would be able to know which products have been recalled, which ones are contaminated, which ones flunk quality tests, which ones contain too much or too little ingredients and which ones to avoid. The blog basically provides you with information to protect your health and well-being by ensuring that you buy only high-quality nutritional supplements.

This blog has investigated more than 500 popular brands of nutritional supplements and the results are all there on the blog. The authors of the blog choose to call it “An independent encyclopedia on Supplements and Nutrition”. They also clearly state that they are not affiliated with any supplement company so that you are able to trust the reviews that you would find on the blog.

Another unique resource that you would find on this blog is ‘Stacks’. This helps you understand how to combine different types of nutritional supplements to reach a specific health goal. You would find information on supplements like Beta-Alanine supplements, BCAA supplements, D-Aspartic Acid supplements, Fish oil supplements, Spirulina supplements, L-Carnitine & ALCAR supplements, Whey Protein, Testosterone boosters as well as Vitamin D supplements.

This is another blog that is dedicated to the provision of unbiased reviews about various nutritional supplements in the market. The blog also regularly provides information about current deals and bargains on different nutritional supplements.

Rather than provide information on supplements generally, this blog has chosen to focus on workout supplements. Information on the website are centered on the best pre-workout supplement reviews, best pre-workout drinks, top 10 workout supplements for each year and so on.

Some topics you would find very useful on the blog include The Best Test Boosters for Building Muscles, Top 10 Most Effective Fat Burners with Energy, BCAA vs. Glutamine: Find out Which is Better, Pre-Workout Ingredients for Pump as well as reviews of different types of nutritional supplements.

Bodybuilding is not just a supplement review website. It is actually an authority website that is dedicated to providing information to fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

There are also diet plans for weight loss enthusiasts on the blog. Along with this, the blog authors provide useful information on different supplements and their effectiveness as well as the different types of nutritional supplements to use for various health conditions.

Examples of topics you would find on this blog include 5 Ways to up your fat loss supplement game, 4 simple supplements for vegetarians, 5 reasons your creatine may not be working and the best supplements for strength athletes and body builders.

The authors of this blog are just what they say they are; supplement critiques.

They provide fair reviews of hundreds of nutritional supplements by carrying out detailed analysis of the potency and effectiveness of each product. They also inform you of the side effects of some supplements which some of the manufacturers choose to hide from you. After carrying out detailed analysis of each product, they provide a ranking score which is usually based on personal testing of the product, user reviews and ratings, potential for side effects, manufacturer’s reputation, safety of the supplement ingredients, effectiveness of the product and how it compares to other products in the same category.

This website also provides unbiased reviews on different types of supplements to help you avoid wasting money on products that do not work. The reviews they provide are usually based on the ingredients and the degree of potency of the product.

The authors examine the label of the product so as to understand which ingredients are used, origin of the ingredients as well as the format of the ingredients.

Useful topics on the blog include the top five testosterone boosters, Do Testosterone Supplements Work? What are the side effects of Testosterone Boosters, The Best Fat Burners of 2015, The best legal steroids in the market, The benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements, The Top Three Male Enhancement Supplements on the Planet, Steroid Alternatives, Fat Burners Supplements and Ingredients and other useful topics.

Supplement Police is a rank and review nutritional supplements blog. They give genuine tips about different health supplements including creams, gels and liquids. You would also have access to first-hand knowledge on skin care supplements, health care supplements, super foods and essential oils on the blog.

What authority nutrition does is to provide a daily dose of nutritional, health and weight loss information that are based on scientific evidence to its subscribers. Along with this, they also regularly provide reviews of different nutritional supplements in plain language. This blog is co-authored by licensed nutritionists and dietitians and has more than 10 million visits monthly as well as 1.1 million fans on Facebook and more than 500,000 subscribers from all over the world.

 ExRx is a blog that provides reviews and summaries on current scientific literatures addressing different nutritional supplements. On this blog, you can learn a lot on what the experts think about different nutritional supplements in the market.

Men’s Health is a blog that talks about everything that has to do with men from fitness and workouts to women, sex men’s health, nutrition, weight loss, recipes, men’s style, grooming and so on. Along with this, they also regularly provide reviews on different nutritional supplements in the market. There is also a forum on the site where guys get together to discuss and provide tips and tricks they have used to boost their health fitness and sexual life as well as provide personal reviews of supplements that they have used. If you have any questions about any supplement and you want to hear from the horses’ mouth, you should visit the blog and the forum.

Supplement blogs are very helpful resources for determining which supplements are good for you and which ones to avoid. Nutritional supplements are meant to boost your health but when you use the wrong ones, you end up jeopardizing your health. It helps when you visit these blogs to obtain detailed information before making a purchase.

Ultimate Guide On Thyroid Supplements.

So, there’s been a lot of rave about thyroid supplements and you're thinking about using too?

You have to… that’s cool! But do you even know what it really does?

Apart from the superficial effects of thyroid supplements that you enjoy, do you know how it works in your body? Or the part of your body it really affects?

No need to hassle, I can help with that!

The thyroid is a gland that lies below your Adam’s apple, sitting low on the front of your neck. It has two side lobes connected by a bridge and is red in color depicting that it is very rich in blood vessels.

The major function includes the secretion of hormones which act throughout the body to promote metabolism, growth, and development of the body. During childhood, however, the thyroid hormone is crucial for brain development.

However, as adults, when the thyroid is not well taken care of there are several things that could go wrong with your body, and they don’t necessarily have to be related to the neck in this case.

Poorly treated thyroids can result in;

Thyroid Swelling– which is quite commonly known as Goiter. In most cases, this represents a deficiency of iodine in the body system, which happens to be an important constituent of thyroid supplements that take care of these problems before they begin.

Hypothyroidism is another thyroidal related issue which poses special to newborns and infants as explained earlier. At birth, lack of healthy thyroid hormones can lead to mental retardation or stunted growth. Most parents have been advised to engage in routine thyroid checks for their newborns to deal with this condition before it gets out of hand.

Some of the other conditions that are as a result of poorly treated thyroid include; Thyroiditis, Hyperthyroidism, thyroid storm, thyroid nodules, among others.

We could go on and on about how important it is to take proper care of your thyroids, but you know you have to. So to more pressing matters;

Now we can discuss thyroid supplements

What are thyroid supplements?

Thyroid supplements are supplements for thyroids, so naturally, you would assume that they mean well to our thyroids. Seeing as the thyroid is a very sensitive part of our body, we need to be very careful about the kind of care we administer to it.

Like any other drug, you need the prescription of a licensed medical practitioner to purchase or use any drug, and in this case, you need to be more aware of the risks involved in self-medication.

Some people actually understand this. In fact, in more enlightened environments, managing thyroid isn’t just about taking supplements as drugs. They also use natural vitamins and other nutrients in foods and fruits to manage their condition, especially when they need a boost.

Like other supplements, thyroid supplements are used when the thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones to manage the thyroid. They contain several minerals that help with this production deficiency.

Having established the fact that deficiency in vitamins and minerals are the underlying causes or thyroid malfunctions lets see the minerals and vitamins that are required for a healthy thyroid.

Before using thyroid supplements

Develop a healthy eating habit

Before we go on memorizing a list of nutrients we would like to stock on after reading this, I’d like to remind you that, you need to eat healthy diets (balanced diets) regularly to avoid thyroid deficiencies.

This advice sounds cliché in a manner of speaking, but should fall on deaf ears, because I don’t imagine that you would want to use supplements for every medical condition that you have brought on yourself because of your unhealthy eating and living habits.

Run a test to know your mineral and vitamin levels

However, if you would supplement, you mustn’t do so without medical advisement. The first things you need is to go to a licensed medical practitioner and run a blood test to find out you vitamin and mineral levels. This would give you a load down of the vitamins and minerals you are deficient on, and then you can know which supplements you should use.

Failure to do this would lead to you probably going for the wrong supplements for your thyroid deficiency, and whatever outcome you get from that would be no one’s fault but yours.

Do a thorough research on the vitamins and minerals you would like to supplement with

Just because you know the vitamins and minerals you should supplement on does not mean that you can go about purchasing any product in any dosage that picks your fancy. You need to be smart about this.

Thyroid deficiencies aren’t simple or funny as a matter of fact. Any medical condition left unattended to, or poorly attended to can produce unexpected results.

You need to keep an open line of communication with you doctor so that you can be fully examined and advised as to the dosage required, the amount your body can handle, and when your thyroids are fully restored.

Some of the major vitamins you can supplement on and things you need to know about them as well as the thyroid supplements side effectsare explained below;


The effects of iodine supplements for thyroid do vary per person as explained below because no two mineral levels can be equally the same, except it’s a controlled experiment or some freaky stuff. Even then, the chances are quite slim.

Having had yourself checked by a doctor, there still is a recommended maximum of iodine you can take in daily. For adults who I presume are the major benefactors of supplements, 150micrograms daily is quite enough.

For natural iodine supplements for thyroid, you can get quite a dosage from good farm sources including milk, cheese, poultry, eggs, kelp and other seaweeds.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much of iodine is worse. It could actually lead to another thyroid deficiency – Hypothyroidism. This condition has been explained in the early part of this post, and from what you’ve read, I'm sure you don’t want to have to deal with that, so be careful.

You might not fancy this but most doctors aren’t in support of iodine supplements, just so you know.


Even the name suggests that it’s a rare ingredient. Unlike other ingredients for thyroid supplements, selenium isn’t one you would stumble on at any store. It's one of those supplement ingredients that you mostly get with the prescription of a licensed medical practitioner.

However, it's quite safe for a supplement, and doctors don’t have a handful against it. Research has shown that it helps with efficient thyroid synthesis and metabolism.

Basically, a deficiency in selenium enzyme affects the conversion of T4 to T3, thereby impairing the thyroid.

As long as you don’t use more than required, it's okay to use. The prescribed limit perday is 200micrograms. You can get just the required amount you need per day by consuming two raw brazil nuts. I guess that simplifies the whole deal.

Vitamin B:

So far, we have associated various ingredients with different thyroid conditions. Vitamin B has many interactions with thyroid function and thereforeprovides us with optimal thyroid health and hormone regulation.

They work best for people with hypothyroidism just like iodine but are prescribed to be used alongside to get better results. This is basically because they help with the management of iodine in the body at a cellular level.

However, even if you don’t need to supplement with iodine, its still a good idea to take vitamin B regularly, being the thyroid boosting supplements with little or no sideeffects, that they are.

Professional recommendations prescribe a nutritional supplement containing the entire vitamin B complex, with an extra dose of vitamin B12 for those with low levels.

Natural Thyroid supplements can be gotten in the form of vitamin B by consumption of these foods; eggs, seeds, legumes, nuts, milk, fish, grains, and other natural vitamins foods.

Vitamin D

I hope it's still clear to you that you can only take any of these supplements if you are low on particular vitamin levels according to your blood test. Having reinforced that warning, I’d like to point out that most of these ingredients have a role to play in curing hypothyroidism, but still doesn’t make all of them cures or the best thyroid health supplement ingredient.

According to research, Vitamin D is very efficient for immunity especially for those with autoimmune thyroid disorders such as the Graves’ Disease. Although, extensive researches have also proven that 90 percent of people with hypothyroid deficiencies are low on Vitamin D. To avoid confusion and ingestion of wrong medications, you best see your doctor.

For those who prefer natural thyroid supplements, Vitamin D can be found in fortified milk, yogurt, and orange juices. Surprisingly, these are major ingredients of our daily foods. If you are still low on these, you probably need to consciously ingest a wholesome amount of these regularly to make up for supplements for low thyroid. But then again, it all depends on your doctor’s prescription.


Just like vitamin B, magnesium works in line with iodine as thyroid supplements ingredientsto counter thyroid deficiencies. They also help to manage iodine levels in the body.

Leafy green vegetables and whole grains are the most common natural food sources of this particular thyroid supplement ingredient.

Other vitamins and minerals that serve as thyroid supplement ingredients include; Zinc, tyrosine, probiotics, etc.

Benefits of thyroid Supplements

Having had a brief study of these essentials, the benefits of thyroid supplements are quite clear. However, instead of repeating the same idea in different sentences, I’d rather explain the benefits of a properly functional thyroid. This way, you would see the benefit in a healthy organ, rather than a temptation to overdose.

Cognitive boost and mood enhancement

Like brain supplements, thyroid boosting supplements help the thyroid acquire more energy for operation. A functional thyroid, however, is responsible for improved mood, concentration and can help score higher in cognitive tests.

Pregnant women especially need a well functioning thyroid as studies have shown that the children of women with healthier thyroids give birth to smarter children.

Body weight

You might be wondering how the thyroid in the neck is connected to the entire weight of the body. Well, thyroid hormones are of great significance to our body weight as they are responsible for body metabolism.

If they dictate the rate at which calories are burnt in the body, it's quite clear that a healthy thyroid is essential for fat loss. This might be the solution to your fat issues if you have been on meds, and hitting the gym for weight loss for a while without much to show for it.

Basically, an unhealthy thyroid slows metabolism. If you think this only affects your physical appearance, I'm afraid you're quite mistaken.

Research have indicated that one of the best ways to reduce the risk of heart diseases, by reducing high homocysteine levels involves the use of thyroid supplements. So, you probably need to pay your doctor another visit as soon as possible.

To borrow a little bit of reverse psychology theory from my psychologist, let me motivate you to get more concerned with your thyroid’s health. I’ll do that by giving you a list of things that you are vulnerable to when your thyroid is low and you refuse to use thyroid supplements.

- Formation of gallstones

- High cholesterol

- Anemia

- Decreased stomach acid production

- Decrease in bone quality leading to increasing in fractures

- Reduction in body metabolism leading to weight gain, among other defects

- Decreased energy production

- Constipation

- Hair loss

- Depression

- Cognitive decline

- Infertility

- Weakening of the immune system etc

Hence it's safe to say that a healthy thyroid would shield you from the possibility of all that!... Works right?

Best thyroid supplements review

Thyroid Rite

The thyroid Rite is a legit thyroid health supplement which promotes proper functionality of the thyroid. It is a basic combination of two major natural thyroid supplement ingredient namely – iodine and Tyrosine. However, there are traces of other minerals and vitamins including zinc and copper which help in its support for normal thyroid function. The functions of this drug extend beyond being a supplement for low thyroid.

Other contents which justify this claim include natural herbs, namely ashwagandha root, schizandra and ayurvedic herbs which are popular for promoting healthy metabolism, providing support for regulated body weight loss, and also help in heart-relatedconditions as explained earlier in this post.

This brand also helps in enhancing brain functions as well as weak body cells.

The thyroid Rite has been known to deliver the best value for the highest strength thyroid supplement, with 120 caps in a bottle, which is twice as much as what you would get from other products – double value for your money.

It's also referred to as the best formula containing 14 natural thyroid supplements from natural herbal extracts and minerals which make for easier ingestion and much more benefits. With all these, you can agreethat its functions extend thyroid health, but also boosts the whole body system in a safe way, giving you nothing to worry about as long as you abide by the prescription.

The manufacturer guarantees 100 percent satisfaction, with 100 percent refund policy within the first 100 days of purchase if you rent satisfied with its effects. With this thyroid supplement, you literally have nothing to lose.

Gaia Herbs Thyroid Support Liquid Phyto-Capsules.

One major fact that binds all these reviewed products together is that they all work to enhance the thyroid’s functionality. However, their manufacturers share different views about how the thyroid should be enhanced, hence creating a difference in the recipes which eventually bring about a difference in the way these drugs function.

The ingredients that make the Gaia Herb special include;

L-Tyrosine, an amino acid, which is a natural protein supplement, which helps to combat attention deficit disorders, depression and improve mental alertness. It is also responsible for improving hypothyroid conditions, hence be careful not to use this product if you have hyperthyroidism. That would be pretty disastrous to your health;

Seaweed blend, which is also another ingredient high in multivitamins, fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium and other important natural ingredients. It’s a gold mine! It serves the thyroid well, with an added bonus of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components;

Schisandra Berry, rich in antioxidants prevent the body from neurological diseases as well as cancer-causing probes. The Schisandra berry has many health benefits apart from thyroidal health supplementation, includingenhanced sexual function as well as cleansing of liver organs, and much more.

The best part of this thyroid health supplement is that it'svegetarian-friendly. No animal produces were used in creating this supplement. Also, they are alcohol-free and easily take control of the system without an overdose.

A combination of these elements and much more put this product on our top five list.

Activa Naturals Thyroid Health Supplement with Iodine.

The beauty of this product is that it is made of pure natural ingredients. The Activia brand pride themselves a huge fan of mother nature and hence have their products primarily based on natural ingredients.

This product has proven to be a perfectly functional supplement for low thyroids. The ingredients used to manufacture this wonder product include Vitamin B12, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, etc as well as other natural herbs including ashwagandha, cayenne pepper, coleus forskolin and the bladderwrack among other natural herbs.

Majorly, the Activia thyroid supplement enhances the body’s endocrine system as well as the thyroid, making the body cells stronger and disease resistant.


Thyax is a natural thyroid booster which specifically helps get rid of hypothyroidism as well as all the symptoms that come with it, including fatigue, constipation, dry skin and swelling in joints etc.

Another major function of this thyroid boosting supplement includes its assistance in the improvement of low levels of T3 and T4 naturally, which is highly unlikely in other thyroid health supplements. The natural solution it offers to these challenging medical issues has made Thyax one of the top five thyroid supplement.

Other thyroid health solutions thyax has to offer as categorized with the presence of natural ingredients are;

- Relief from the painful symptoms caused by hypothyroidism

- The addition of essential natural nutrients including vitamins B, iodine, and amino acids to the body for optimum thyroid health and shield against thyroid related conditions that snoop into our body systems through the lack of essentials.

However, some of the side effects of this thyroid supplement are mostly due to incompatibility issues. Once you see these signs, be sure to contact your doctor.

The side effects you should really look ou for include – fever, heat intolerance, pain or discomfort in the jaw, back or neck, swelling of the eyes, throat, lips or tongue, blurred or double vision, change in consciousness, abdominal or stomach cramps, irrational thinking leading to feelings of distrust and over reactive emotions, rapid mood swings, etc

These side effects have nothing to do with the authenticity of the drug, but with prescription errors mostly from self-medication and poor diagnosis.

Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 for Low Thyroid

There might have been a major misconception about this drug on the internet, which is attracting negative reviews from users. Let me clear this misconception real quick!

The Iodine plus 2 thyroid health supplement isn’t responsible for weight reduction. So if you have used it with the hopes of seeing such results, and you not disappointed, you should probably reconsider.

Its real purpose is to regulate thyroid levels in the body. This might sound disappointing based on the fact that it costs just as much as other thyroid health supplements on the market today with weight reduction abilities, but having one purpose makes it unique.

You should expect maximum delivery in its regulationof the thyroid levels in the body. You can safely use it without having to worry about other effects it might have on your metabolism or body system as a whole.

Earlier in this post, we have discussed the detriments of too much iodine in the system, especially when you are suffering from hyperthyroidism. Make sure you get the right prescriptions from a licensed medical practitioner after taking tests to monitor your vitamin levels to avoid complications.

What You Don’t Know About Zinc Supplements.

Here is a comprehensive guide of the zinc supplement.

This post contains information about zinc as an important part of our body system and zinc supplements which provide solutions to deficiencies.

It’s a good thing that they are mostly called supplements and not enhancers. If the manufacturers called them enhancers most people might need a little more convincing. Don’t expect sci-fi movie type of developments in your system, you would be disappointed.

The scope of zinc supplements goes beyond a particular brand or for a particular use. To clarify that, let's see what zinc really is, and how it works as a supplement.

Zinc as a mineral:

Zinc was discovered in 1764 in its pure metallic form. Wit the advent of technological advancement, it is now employed in various segments of our industrial and commercial activities.

Right now, it sounds like some mined metal found in the depths of the earth, but it's not all that. It's actually an important ingredient responsible for the proper functionality of our body system.

Zinc is also referred to as an essential trace element, meaning that we need little amounts for our health. It’s just as abundant as iron in our body system and probably does just as much to improve our bodily functions.

Like other vitamins, it plays a very important series of roles in our body’s health. You do not want to run low on this, trust me.

You’ve probably heard about zinc deficiency before, and if you’ve not, symptoms include stunted growth, low insulin levels, generalized hair loss, rough and dry skin, slowed wound healing. Diarrhea, loss of appetite, among other symptoms. Experts have also linked zinc deficiency with intestinal disorders which interfere with food absorption, kidney failure, and other chronic diseases.

That wasn’t meant to scare us into racing to our doctors to check our zinc levels but I think that paints the general idea of how important this element isto our body.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I think you might be curious about one or two medical conditions you’ve been battling with for a while, and probably trying to link them to zinc deficiency. Well, that is not for you to decide.

It's good to go for medical check-ups from time to time. However, if after your visit to the clinic you’ve found out that your zinc levels are low, don’t panic. That’s what zinc supplements are for.

Zinc supplements

Literally, supplements help make up for losses. These losses may be related to vision, fertility, fighting viruses, immune system, dental plague, sexual health, kidney, resistance to harsh weather conditions, among others.

Zinc can become deficient in the body through quite a number of ways, including through sweats, so this doesn't leave anyone out.

However, these losses do not occur in all humans, at least not in the same way. In this post, they will be categorized into children, men, and women health.

Zinc supplements for kids

Kids are very fragile, not just because the term “kids” sounds fragile, but when you consider the anatomy of young humans, you'll know not to make a mess of it. Their bones haven’t fully developed, even other parts of their bodies especially in females are still dominant, and needs enough time and care to blossom.

Zinc is a micronutrient which plays important roles in the immune, reproductive and nervous systems of children, which basically are all of the body parts.

Seeing as the human body can't produce this nutrient, we best consider zinc supplement for kids to avoid the effects of deficiencies on their growth.

Research has shown that an average of 1 out of 58 deaths of children between the ages 1 to 5, is caused by zinc deficiencies. This might not sound like a lot, but personal involvement would change your orientation about that.

Basically, the effects of zinc deficiencies in kids include diarrhea especially in malnourished children, regular headaches, nausea, among others. Zinc supplements for kids have been known to counter these effects and give such kids a healthier chance at life.

Too much consumption for kids is just as dangerous, so make sure that you get a licensedprescription before administering zinc supplements to your kids. Also, before you resolve to zinc supplement for your kids, make your that they are well nourished because healthy feeding has a long way to go in children’s growth.

Zinc Supplements for men

As adults, the male anatomy in relation to zinc levels is quite different. As you might have heard, it mostly affects fertility. Zinc can be referred to as a testosterone supplement for men. And to us men, that’s pretty important to our survival.

According to research, zinc is pretty important to everyone, but men need it more.

Basically, zinc is responsible for the bioactivities that supplement the testosterone synthesis. In layman terms, it improves the erectile function, sperm count and motility, sex drive and solves most of the sex-related issues that men have been faced with.

However, one major misconception is that only sex freaks or those who are still looking to have more kids are the only ones concerned with this.

Here’s a fact! Even if you're planning on being a eunuch,it's still very important that you supplement your zinc levels as it has everything to do with your health.

As explained earlier, the major bad news caused by low zinc levels and inevitable high prolactin is called male hypogonadism, which is a medical term used to explain the condition where the body does not make enough testosterone.

Some of the problems caused by low zinc levels in adult males include;

  • · Low male sex hormones,
  • · Infertility and depleted sex drive
  • · Erectile dysfunction
  • · Inability to grow a beard,
  • · Constant fatigue,
  • Loss of muscle strength, etc

Zinc Supplement for Women

For women, you have to consider your health as well as your fertility and the product of your fertility – your kids. You wouldn’t possibly expect women who are zinc deficient to give birth to healthy babies.

Seeing as zinc deficiency in babies is the most dangerous, and might be the line between their life and death, you might want to look into that to be on the safer side.

On a personal level, the effects of zinc deficiency are just as that in men. However, apart from their hormones, they also need zinc supplements to avoid osteoporosis, especially for those who have gone through menopause.

Before menopause, women have more estrogen (sex hormone) than men. However, this changes after menopause, and then they begin to experience bone loss and osteoporosis. Zinc supplements can help solve this problem.

Apart from these, the effects of zinc deficiencies in women and men are pretty much the same.


  • Decreased rate of age-related chronic disease
  • Quicker wound healing
  • Diarrhea treatment especially in kids
  • Regulation of immune functions
  • Proper growth
  • Fertility in adults
  • Memory enhancement and improved cognitive functionality, etc

Side Effects

As much as zinc supplements sound like the savior of the entire human race from death and diseases, it has its own side effects too.

However, being a natural element that it is, the side effects can’t be due to manufacturer’s error, so there’s only one way to go about it. Overdosing on zinc supplements is the only way to get side effects from it, and surprisingly, the effects of too much zinc intake are almost the same as overdosing on it.

The effects may vary from commonly occurring to rare conditions.

Natural Zinc Supplements:

Apart from zinc supplements, zinc can also be found in foods. Hence, zinc-fortified foods can be referred to as natural zinc supplements. Some of the best natural zinc supplement sources include; sea foods, grain cereals, dairy products, animal meat, fish, nuts, beans, among others.

Since the zinc supplements in these foods cannot be quantified, ill have you know that the average adequate zinc intake per day is about 10 to 15 milligrams.

However, vegetarians may need a lot more than the recommended intake of zinc because it's not really as much in plant foods as it is in meat and other non-vegetarian means.

Best zinc supplements Reviews

When it comes to edible products, the rules are more direct. The things to look out for before purchasing zinc supplements or any other drug for that matter include;

The value you get for the price you are about to pay. Compare this with other products in that category and their cost. This would ensure that you get the best deals.

Reviews and feedback from users. These users have used the drugs. Their comments are more real and experienced than what is written on the bottle or sachet cover. These feedbacks cover its bioavailability, how easy the doses are, the ingredient quality and amount, and even other considerable options.

Publicity is everything. Conduct a more thorough research on the reputation of the company. Customer reviews can help with that too.

Stay safe!

If after ingesting enough zinc supplemented foods regularly, you still have azinc deficiency, you should seriously consider taking one of these reviewed best zinc supplements.

1.Nature’s bounty Chelated Zinc Supplement :

Zinc supplements work for the same purpose, to level up the zinc level in the body. The difference between their outputs, however, lie in the ingredients used. Nature’s bounty Chelated Zinc uses the chelated amino acid form of Zinc gluconate which is a quite popular zinc supplement recipe.

It’s easily absorbed by the body, blends well with the body system and by so doing regulates the zinc level in yourbody, keeping you safe from zinc deficiency related threats.

Nature's bounty Chelated Zinc supplement is produced in the form of chelated Zinc gluconate which is designed to support your healthy immune system.

Per dose, you get about 50milligrammes of zinc. This might sound a little bit high as compared to thelimit set for zinc intake by licensed health care practitioner, but it has been ensured that it would be as efficient as it should without causing more damage to the body system.

It is suitable for vegetarians, which is an added bonus, and comes in bottles containing 50 caplets of zinc supplements.

2. Nature made Zinc:

Nature made Zinc supplement is quite similar to Nature’s bounty chelated zinc supplement in many ways including the use of zinc gluconate as the key ingredient. It also blends well with the body system and begins zinc regulation of the body soon after use.

Its effect has a lot of advantage on the endocrine system as well as the immune system functioning, giving users optimal benefits of their health restoration.

However, the major difference is that it comes in doses of 30milligrammes, which is quite less and safer for consumption. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Also, it comes in packs of 100 capsules. This is quite impressive because the price ranges are the same, and you can probably use this for twice as long and get the same effect of zinc level restoration.

3. Source Naturals OptiZinc:

The Source Naturals OptiZincbrand are quite generous in their marketing of zinc supplements. It comes in bottles of 240 doses of 30miligrams of zinc. With this brand, you can travel for months without having to worry about getting a refill.

One additional advantage is that the source Naturals OptiZinc doesn’t just function as a zinc supplement. It also provides 300microgrammes of Copper in the form of Copper Sebacate. Also, the major zinc source is provided in the form of zincMonomethionine.

The combination has a reasonable level of bioavailability and support enzymatic functions to help repair cells in the body while it also regulates the zinc level in the body. This surely qualifies to top the best zinc supplements in the market.

4.  Solaray Zinc copper:

These products just keep getting better. The Solaray Zinc copper supplement was brilliantly manufactured to combine Zinc, copper and iodine supplements in the form of Zinc amino acid chelate, copper, and iodine from kelp.

The combo helps regulate zinc levels in the body while it makes up for copper deficiency, which in turn prevents you from excessive zinc consumption and then provides thyroid support from the iodine to increase your metabolic rate.

Solaray Zinc copper supplement serves a dose of 50milligrammes of copper blended with 2 milligrams of copper and 53 micrograms of iodine in packs containing 100 capsules.

It’s suitable for Vegetarians as well as vegans

5. Jarrowsformula zinc balance:

The presence of copper in zinc supplements open doors for more health benefits and more value for your money. Jarrows formula zinc balance really balances the scale while it prevents both zinc and copper deficiencies, ensuring that you have a regulated mineral level.

The zinc and copper contents are in the form of zinc Monomethionineand copper gluconate respectively with 30miligrams of zinc and 1miligram of copper per dose. A hundred capsules of these supplements are in each bottle, giving you a supply lasting about three months.

Calcium Supplements: The Only Guide You Need.

Not sure if you need calcium supplements? Read this guide first!

Just like any other nutritional element, calcium is an important part of our daily nutrition and its role in maintaining a good health cannot be overemphasized.

Calcium is the most abundant element in the body. It’s the major component of important structures in the body. Calcium constitutes a large percentage of bone composition, calcium in the form of hydroxyapatite makes up about 70% of the bone mass, while about 20% of the calcium in the body can be found in the teeth. In all, about 90% of the calcium component is found in the teeth and the bony framework of the body.

Other calcium in the body play critical role in various physiological processes and are not found in structural forms. More would be written on the benefits and role of calcium in the later part of this article.

Since the deficiency of calcium has been associated with various diseases, both in young children and in older people, especially women above the menopausal age. It’s important for those with this deficiency to find a way of making up for the lacked calcium, and this is where calcium supplements comes into play.

Under normal circumstances, the calcium component of the food we eat on daily basis contains enough amount of calcium to keep our body in good condition. The recommended daily allowance of calcium intake for adult is between 1000-1300 mg/day, while that of children is between 200-700mg per day, depending on their age.

This quantity of calcium should normally be present in the regular food we take on daily basis, however research shows that about one-third of Americans are not getting enough calcium in their diet. This is probably due to the fact that, some people are selectively vegans, some are allergic to diary food which is one of the common source of calcium in the diet, while some are suffering from lactose intolerance.

What this implies is that, for every three hundred (300) Americans you select at random, about one hundred (100) of them are suffering from the deficiency of calcium. This set of people could benefit greatly from the use of calcium supplements.

Although, a section of this article would examine in details, what the deficiency of calcium is, but here are few diseases associated with calcium deficiency in the body system; osteoporosis, rickets, poor blood clotting, etc.

On the other hand, it should be noted that everything with a profound merit usually has its own side effect. This is to point out that although calcium is good for the body and its deficiency might pose potential risk to the overall well-being, excess consumption of calcium has its own demerit as well.

Consuming too much of calcium makes it difficult for the body to metabolize it effectively. Since the body needs Vitamin D to conveniently metabolize calcium, it’s important to ensure that the intake of calcium supplements is balanced with that of Vitamin D.

Benefits of calcium supplements

Are calcium supplements effective? Do calcium supplements work?

In the initial part of this post, I mentioned the fact that, for those that are not vegan, and those not allergic to milk, soy milk and other common source of calcium in nutrition, then they have no need for taking calcium supplements.

But if the doctor recommends calcium supplements, or you’re allergic to most food that provides calcium in the nutrition, then calcium supplements would be highly beneficial for you. Vegans would also benefit from the usage of calcium supplements because a larger percentage of the food consumed by vegans lack calcium.

Since the function of calcium supplements is to serve as replacement or therapy for the deficiency of calcium in the body. Then the benefits of calcium supplements would equal the benefit of calcium in the body system.

Bone Health:

Osteoporosis is a very common disease among women of menopausal age. The cause of this disease is often attributed to the depletion in the calcium component of the bone. What this implies is that, the usage of calcium supplement would reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other disorder related to calcium deficiency in the body.

Neurotransmitter Release:

The brain controls various system of the body by the release of substance called neurotransmitter. These neurotransmitters are very crucial in the mediation of the action of the brain on local organ.

Calcium is important in the release of these neurotransmitters in local organs.

Deficiency of calcium has been associated with disorder of muscle contraction and disorder. According to this research, calcium has also been implicated in the transmission of information between neurons across the synaptic gap.

Enzyme and Hormone Function:

Calcium ion, just like every other nutritional metals, play an important role in the production of various enzymes and hormones for the body usage.

When the level of calcium in the blood stream is low, the body would eventually reach out to the bones to withdraw some calcium for the formation of these hormones and enzymes.

Continued withdrawal of calcium from the bone would affect the bone health and result into easy fracture of bone under little stress.

Taking calcium supplements in cases of calcium deficiency would prevent the occurrence of such incidence.

Healthy Teeth:

For kids and teens, the amount of calcium in the body determines how strong their teeth would be. Because calcium plays a vital role in ensuring strong gum that hold the teeth in place throughout life.

When teethes are firmly held by the gum, then bacterial would not be able to invest the gum and as a result the teeth would remain sturdy throughout life.

The intake of calcium at the appropriate dosage is beneficial in this regards, especially for kids and teen, in such a way, they would grow a naturally strong teeth and gum.

Blood Pressure Control:

Various studies have been conducted to examine the effect of calcium on the human blood pressure.

While the result of those research are not definitive enough to conclude that calcium alone can help control blood pressure, the research shows that calcium alongside fruits and vegetables are capable of regulating the blood pressure in human beings.

Weight Management:

This study, and this study shows that increased calcium intake can help reduce weight gain and also lower body weight over time.

Prevention Of Colon Cancer:

Calcium has been show to play an important role in the reduction of the occurrence of colon cancer. Calcium supplements and calcium from other dietary source generally plays a protective role in the occurrence of colon cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease:

According to research by the institute of medicine, it’s been shown that calcium plays a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by getting rid of cholesterol in the body system, through excretion of lipids and reduced absorption of lipids. (It should be noted that taking calcium without Vitamin D might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease)

Having examine some of the benefits of calcium supplements, then it’s appropriate to look into various types of calcium supplements that are available in the market, and which one if appropriate for use.

Types of calcium supplements

The major difference between the calcium supplements available in the market is the amount of elemental calcium present in the supplements. What this means is that, calcium supplements is usually not just made up of calcium, but rather, it’s made up of calcium alongside other compounds.

The common types of calcium supplements are:

Calcium Carbonate:

This calcium supplement has the highest amount of elemental calcium of all the calcium supplements. About 40% elemental calcium, however, it’s been shown to have low bioavailability, such that the amount of calcium that is eventually absorbed by the body from calcium carbonate in-take is considerably low. It is however, the most common type of calcium supplement in market, and it’s the cheapest of all the calcium supplements.

Calcium Citrate:

The elemental calcium present in calcium citrate is about 20%, which is significantly low when compared to calcium carbonate. However, the bioavailability of calcium citrate is higher than that of calcium carbonate because of its acidic nature, making it easier to absorb along the gastrointestinal tract.

Calcium Gluconate:

This type of calcium supplement is known to have low level of elemental calcium in it, about 9%. What this means is that, you would have to get a large dose of calcium gluconate before getting enough of the calcium your body requires.

Calcium Lactate:

The bioavailability of this type of calcium supplement is not particularly high. The elemental calcium present in calcium lactate is about 13%. It’s not a very common type of calcium supplement.

There are also liquid calcium supplements that perform the same function like the tablet form with the difference being their solubility in water. Calcium Citrate Malate is an example of water soluble calcium. It’s made up of calcium found in citric acid and malic acid. Because of its solubility in water, the bioavailability is considerably high.

Depending on the manufacturer, there are other forms of calcium combined with some other important element. Example of which are; calcium and magnesium supplement combined in a single tablet. There are also calcium and vitamin D supplements tablet.

Calcium supplements for kids:

If your child is not getting enough calcium, then it’s important to find a way of supplementing their calcium intake.

Some kids might choose not to take foods that contain calcium, which would result into its deficiency in their body since they are not getting enough calcium from the food they are eating.

Some are allergic to diary products why some due to lactose intolerance would generally avoid milk and other natural source dietary calcium. In cases like this; it’s important to get them calcium supplements, or better consult with your doctor and talk with him or her about possible diet adjustment that would favor your kids calcium intake.

But remember, that calcium is very essential for kids and teens so as to get a strong bone and good strong teeth.

Taking Calcium Supplements:

How much calcium should I take?

Even though calcium is considered less toxic as compared to other metals, it’s still very important to take the right amount of calcium in the appropriate manner in other to maintain a proper balance in the body’s calcium level.

There are no special guides on how to take calcium supplements, other than following the right calcium supplements dosage (Check Below) and taking the supplement alongside vitamin D. Because Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium into the blood stream, it’s important to strike a balance in the consumption of vitamin D and calcium supplements.

The best way to take calcium supplements is to do so in the morning after meal and spread out the dosage across the rest of the day. What this means is that, if you are to take 1000mg of calcium as an adult daily, you can split the intake into two; which is about 500mg in the morning and the remaining 500mg is the evening. The reason for this is to ensure maximum absorbability of the calcium supplements.

There are varieties of calcium component, ranging from liquid, to powder, tablet and chewable calcium supplements; your choice depends mainly on your discretion. If you generally don’t like swallowing tablets, you might opt for the chewable form of calcium supplement.

Recommended Daily Allowance Of Calcium:

The data below represents the recommended daily value of calcium intake.






0–6 months*

200 mg

200 mg



7–12 months*

260 mg

260 mg



1–3 years

700 mg

700 mg



4–8 years

1,000 mg

1,000 mg



 9–13 years

1,300 mg

1,300 mg



14–18 years

1,300 mg

1,300 mg

1,300 mg

1,300 mg

19–50 years

1,000 mg

1,000 mg

1,000 mg

1,000 mg

51–70 years

1,000 mg

1,200 mg



71+ years

1,200 mg

1,200 mg




Check here for complete details on adequate intake on NIH website.


In taking calcium supplements, let’s say you’re 20 years old, and you are taking calcium carbonate supplement which has 40% elemental calcium. If you take 1000mg of calcium carbonate, it means you’re getting only 400mg of calcium (because it has 40% elemental calcium) from the dosage, which means you would have to take about 2000mg of calcium carbonate to get the rough estimate of the RDA.

NB: The above paragraph is just a theoretical explanation of the difference between various types of calcium supplements and it’s proposed dosage. PLEASE CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USAGE.

Calcium supplements side effects

Right from the beginning of this article, I have been reiterating that, it’s best if you can source the calcium needed by your body from the food you take rather than taking supplements. But if for one reason or the other, there is a need to supplement your diet intake, then it’s important that you do so within the normal limit and not consume too much of calcium supplements.

Hypercalcemia is the term giving to excessive presence of calcium in the blood stream. This condition has been associated with various cardiovascular diseases, as it has been show to distort the homeostatic control of blood calcium level.

In extremely rare condition, hypercalcemia might also result into calcification of soft tissue. Calcification is the conversion of soft tissue to hard tissue through the addition of calcium.

High intake of calcium both in natural food and in supplements can cause constipation, and disrupt the absorption of other important minerals in the body. Some studies have also linked high intake of calcium supplements with kidney stone disease.

Best Calcium Supplement

The best calcium supplement is the variety with high elemental calcium and high bioavailability.