Brain Enhancing Drug List (Top 10)


There are various brain enhancing drugs in the open market right now, as more products would keep emerging in the market, considering that brain enhancement is a relatively new aspect of medicine, and it is being explored by various companies.

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We can only expect to see improvements as new drugs emerges. Here is a comprehensive list of brain enhancing drugs on amazon.

Although there are several products out there, but this list is based strictly on items being sold on amazon. We have mentioned and recommended some of the products listed on this post on several of our articles.

There are various aspects of brain enhancement ranging from improved quality of sleep, to memory, motivation, focus, cognitive function enhancement and improved executive function.

Since most brain enhancing drugs are not an “all size fit all” drug, which means, some are designed specifically for a particular function.


Brain Enhancing Drug List

An important neurotransmitter responsible for improvement of memory is acetylcholine.

Dopamine also plays assisting role in the learning process. As a result of this, the drugs in this category are capable of stimulating the production of acetylcholine. Gingko Biloba is arguably the most consumed herbal supplement that is capable of stimulating the production of acetylcholine.

1. Beautiful Mind:

This brain supplement is made up of nine basic ingredient, the chief of which is gingko biloba. Other ingredients are carefully selected in such a way that it has synergistic effect alongside the gingko biloba extract.

Based on manufacturer’s word and user’s experience, only a single capsule of beautiful mind is required on daily basis to keep you at the best of your game.

Another detail worthy of mention is the fact that, all the ingredients used in producing beautiful mind are naturally sourced, making it more safer as compared to most nootropics in the market.

Other ingredients used in the formulation are; Bacopa Monniera, vinopectine and John Wort flower seed.

2. Max Clarity:

This is another brain enhancing drug that is worthy of mention. It’s also made up of phosphatidylserine (principal component), bacopa monniera, gingko biloba and Vinopectine.

It’s said to improve cognitive function of the brain, memory, focus and concentration. This is done my improving the flow of blood to the brain cell.

3. Nature Bound:

Just like other brain supplement listed above, nature bound is said to help in getting rid of brain fog ans improving brain clarity and focus.

The principal ingredient in phophatidylcholine, this is combined with gingko biloba, vinopectine and bacopa monniera to produce maximum results.

4. Superior Brain:

It’s major component is the St’ John Wort extract, which is a potent ingredient for mood enhancement. Combined with gingko biloba, bacopa, vinopectine and gingko biloba.

This brain supplement is bound to enhance the brain health by enhancing blood flow to the brain and protecting the brain cells from the effect of oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen specie.

5. Neuro-Peak:

This brain enhancing drug has been mentioned several times on our blog, and so far, it’s one of the best selling product in it’s category on amazon.

If it’s not doing well, then it should have lost the position a very long time ago.

Neuropeak is made of St’ John Wort extract, blended with L-Glutamine, making it an ideal nootropics for boosting the brain memory and cognition.

Other ingredients includes, gingko biloba, bacopa, vinopectine and huperzine A, all of which are known to support brain blood circulation and improve energy supply to the brain.

6. HCF (Happy, Calm Focus):

This supplement is one of the most sold brain supplement on amazon. It’s said to improve the mood, maintain calmness and also improve concentration and sleep quality. It’s completely void of preservative and other enhancers or sweetners.

HCF is made up of phenylalanine and L-glutamine, blended together with other synergistic vitamins and minerals to make it more effective.

7. Clarity:

This self acclaimed “most powerful cognitive enhancer on amazon” is made up of various multivitamins that has been shown to improve the functionality of the brain.

The major goal of the manufacturer is to create something utterly save and effective.

Hence the decision of sticking to the use of minerals and multivitamins that has been proven to be effective in improving the brain functionality.

8. Brain Boost:

This is another well performing nootropics, formulated from gingko biloba, phosphatidylserine and St’ John Wort extract. It is said to improve mental clarity, alertness, focus and attention. Other ingredients includes huperzine A, vinopectine, bacopa, DMAE, nd L-glutamine.

9. Alpha GPC Choline:

Alpha GPC is said to be the most bioavailable choline supplement is the market. Cholinergic brain function can be improved by taking this choline supplement, it also help improve cognitive functions of the brain.

It’s important to consult an expert before taking any form of choline supplement. Since they’re not made of natural extracts which are know to be less toxic.

10. Alpha Brain:

We saved the best for the last. Read a completely honest review of alpha brain. It’s one of the best “complete” brain supplement in the supplement market.

It’s made of alpha GPC and huperzia, both of which are known to enhance the function of the brain by stimulating the production of acetylycholine in the brain.

Other component of the supplement has also been linked to elevating dopamine and GABA level in the brain.

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