Aniracetam (Silicon Valley Secret You Don’t Know About).


Aniracetam and Piracetam are the commonest types of nootropics in the market today. However, Piracetam has been taken off most online markets seeing as it hasn’t been approved by the FDA to be marketed as such.

Aniracetam, on the other hand, has become the number one nootropic drug on the market ever since.

Nootropics are drugs that work as brain supplements to strengthen brain memory, improve cognitive reasoning, focus, mental energy, and creativity. That list might be a little tempting especially if you’ve seen the Bradley Cooper’s movie - Limitless. Nootropics are always tied to the abilities exhibited in the movie because the effects are quite similar.

However, it doesn’t make you a genius overnight. It only enhances your mental capacity as explained. Most folks have been tempted to go beyond that, overdose and see where the drug gets them, knowing full well that overdose is never a good thing.

Aniracetam was developed in the late twentieth century in Belgium as part of the Racetam class which are generally known to help increase and improve thecognitive ability of the brain.

As cool as this sounds, there is more to this drug than meets the eyes. There are several other benefits as there are side effects that you must watch out for if you’re considering using.

Benefits Of Aniracetram

Apart from the obvious benefits of brain supplements that this drug also features, the other benefits are explained below.

#1. Boosts memory and overall brain capacity:

As obvious as this is, there are some acts that would discourage you from overdosing. For memory boost or ability enhancement of the brain, blood flow and activity in the brain has to be increased in the association cortex – a complex part of the brain.

You certainly don’t need a doctor to tell you how badly your brain can react to an overdose. Stick to prescription.

#2. Manage Anxiety and Depression:

One of the benefits of aniracetam is that it’s a mood enhancement drug which also helps manage stress, anxiety, and depression. It contains antidepressants which stimulate the release of dopamine in the body. People who suffer from depression are often diagnosed with low levels of dopamine. Aniracetam targets this hormone and boosts its function to get rid of depression.

#3. Brain Oxygenation

Blood flow in the body is very much associated with the transportation of oxygen to different parts of the body. Aniracetam is well known to have the ability to improve the oxygenation of the brain. Oxygen levels have a real impact on energy levels of the brain. If you have ever been deprived of oxygen you probably have had a somewhat out of body experience.

#4. Cognitive impairment

One of the ingredients used in the production of aniracetam is acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter used for memory creation. Acetylcholine has also been known to have a major part in the creation of lucid dreams. However, aniracetam helps with the utilization of acetylcholine in the body, to produce stabilized improvement in the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Side Effects Of Aniracetram

The silver lining to this drug is normally mild due to its low level of toxicity. Extreme side effects are mostly due to over dosage or taking them without meals, fish oil or milk, depending on the user’s toxin level.

It is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers, so, they might be victims of these side effects.

The potential side effects of taking Aniracetam include headaches mostly because of the increase in brain activity or lack of good rest.

Overdosing on this drug gives far worse side effects including; fatigue, nervousness, nausea, body pain, gastrointestinal disorder and even anxiety.

However, once you begin to experience these side effects, reduce your dosage, get more rest and sleep, and most importantly, see your doctor about it.

Aniracetam Dosage

When it comes to drugs, there really isn’t a generally acceptable dosage. The dosage prescribed by your doctor depends on your body, and what you need the drug for.

Taking the right dosage of any drug is one of the biggest factors which determine its efficiency and how helpful it can be. It is important to understand what you want to achieve and then it is easier to develop the Aniracetam dosage for you.

The recommended dosage for Aniracetam is generally 1500 mg per day, and can be taken in two or three doses. A dosage of 500mg in the morning, afternoon and at night or dosage of 750mg in the morning and early evening is ideal.

A doctor's prescription should take preference over the recommendations we put forth here. So contact your doctor to know the ideal dosage for you to use.

Things To Note Before Buying Aniracetam

Aniracetam has a fairly short half-life and comes in capsule and powder form which can be sprinkled as a topper on your food or taken directly. Either way, make sure you stick to the dosage as prescribed.

Also, it’s not recommended for people with cardiovascular issues, pregnant women and nursing ladies.

One other crazy stunt associated with aniracetam is using it with alcohol. While it might have its benefits, like reducing the rate at which alcohol affects you, thereby increasing alcohol consumption, doctors have recommended it to be very dangerous to the body.

It leads you to believe that you are in control, whereas, this effect doesn’t last for long, and when it wears off, you might be doing some crazy stuff already. So,it’s best not to try it.

Where to buy aniracetam

It is important to purchase your Aniracetam supply from a well-established retailer with sufficient quality guarantees as there are a lot of low-quality retailers that provide a fake or diluted product.

Major users of aniracetam purchase this drug online. When buying Aniracetam online, you’ll also want to consider other aspects such as reputation, pricing, packaging, extras (e.g. scoops), customer support, and shipping timings.

Remember, your doctor's advice should always be heeded because they are more skilled and experienced in knowing legitimate online or offline centers to purchase this product.

Check the recommended products below, for buying options.


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