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Let us face it; things are not as they used to be.
The global life expectancy has reduced significantly, our soil has lost its potency and we no longer get the required nutritional value from the food we eat.
In the past, eating vegetables, grains, diary product and other naturally occurring food would suffice in supplying the nutritional component required to keep us alive and healthy.

Now, we mostly eat canned and processed food, a larger percentage of this food lack the nutritional component required to keep our body system in uttermost shape and functionality and as a result, we are more susceptible to various diseases than ever.

This is where dietary supplements comes into play, there are various supplements in market that function in filling the gap between what we eat and what we lack in nutritional constituent.
These supplements are carefully processed minerals or vitamins that can be taken to make up for the minerals our food lacks.
Because these minerals and vitamins are necessary for various digestive, growth and enzymatic process in the body, it is important to get enough of it on daily basis to avoid the problems associated with their deficiency.
Selecting the best supplements to suit your dietary need is where comes in.
Here on, we review various supplements in the market, we put time and effort into checking through various products in the supplement market, and we give final verdict on what to buy and what to stay away from.
Our focus on supplementsbit includes:


​Because vitamins cannot work alone without complimentary effort from minerals, there are various minerals needed by the body.

There are about sixteen of these dietary minerals and they’re divided into two broad categories; we have the macro elements and the micro elements.

The ones in the macro element categories are required in small quantity, while the micro elements are required in a very large quantity by the body.

A lot of articles has been written about each of these minerals, their importance, and the effect of their deficiency.

We’ve reviewed various mineral supplements, read about our mineral supplement catalogue here. For specific minerals guide, check here for the dietary minerals archive.


The body can generally not synthesize these compounds and as such, they should be in the food we eat, if we can’t get enough of the vitamins required for our body, then it becomes necessary to get vitamin supplements to complement for the needed vitamins needed by our body.

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This term is used in describing smart drugs and pills. These drugs are used in maintaining focus and staying alert.

There are various smart pills in the market, and we’ve carefully sort through them to find the best nootropics in the market.

You can also check our ultimate guide on nootropics.


Having free radicals in our body contributes to our aging process.

Antioxidant are responsible for mopping up free radicals from out body systems and lessen the effect of aging on our cells and tissues.

Although some of the food we eat contain certain amount of antioxidants, but for maximum supply, getting antioxidant supplement has proven beneficial over time.

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Various amino acids are required as co-factor in important enzymatic process in the body.

Amino acids also play important role in the secretion of various brain chemicals and as such their deficiency might be deleterious on both mental health and physical health.

We’ve reviewed various amino acid supplements and also written a comprehensive guide on the use of amino acid supplements.

We have several guides as regards various minerals, why you should get a particular mineral or vitamin, and how to use them.


It depends on various factors, according to information on the NHS, a larger percentage of the world population is not getting enough minerals and vitamins from the food we eat.

This calls for a need to take supplement for the minerals we lack.

The following categories of people are prone to deficiency of one or more nutrient, and as such they require supplementation in one capacity of the other.

    • Elderly people: Because their digestive system is not as functional as it used to be. They therefore don’t get enough from the food they eat and as such supplementation is needed.
    • Pregnant Women
    • Vegetarians and Vegans
    • Children
    • People with digestive disorder who cannot absorb the required nutrient from the food they eat.

    Those who need dietary supplement is not limited to the list above, but those are the few that comes to mind.

    It is important to consult a medical doctor or specialist before committing to taking dietary supplement; this is not only to ensure you are taking the right dosage, but also to ensure that you are not taking the wrong type of supplement.

    Here on SupplementsBit, we offer suggestions and as such our advice should not be considered a medical standard advice, and this makes it necessary to seek advice from a specialist when it’s needed.

    In conclusion, we hope you find the articles on this site resourceful.

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